Thursday, May 04, 2017

Guess What? The TPP May Not Be Dead After All.

The Japanese government is proposing a revival of the Trans Pacific Partnership only without the United States.

An idea has emerged that the Trans-Pacific Partnership can take effect among at least five nations including Japan, Australia and New Zealand, instead of 12, sources involved in the negotiations said.

The idea cropped up as the 11 states involved discussed what to do with the aborted free trade pact in the wake of the United States’ withdrawal earlier this year under President Donald Trump, the sources told Kyodo News on Wednesday.

At the just-finished two-day meeting of top negotiators from the 11 parties, Tokyo argued for making the TPP take effect without the United States at an early date by tweaking the original agreement, they said.


Lulymay said...

Do you think then, Mound, that if Canada signs this current iteration of the TPP we will be able to import Japanese cars at Canadian prices rather than pay at US prices for cars that arrive on by the boatload right into Vancouver harbour?

One can only hope!

The Mound of Sound said...

I don't have any idea, Lulymay. Ms. Freeland may be of more assistance.

The Mound of Sound said...

What perplexes me is why I have to learn about these TPP revival meetings from the Times of Japan. Why have I not found mention of this in the Canadian media? Then again, why did The New York Times have to expose Christy Clark's corruption while our media gave it a pass?

Northern PoV said...

I love rhetorical questions...

"Why have I not found mention of this in the Canadian media?"

I sometimes can't resist answering them

"willful ignorance my dear boy, willful ignorance"

The Mound of Sound said...

Wilful ignorance? On whose part? I did finally locate a story about the meeting from the business section of HuffPo Canada but that's it.

Northern PoV said...

sorry, no offence intended

Most of the media and its readership seems to have embraced willful ignorance.

I sometimes glance at the local papers (all owned by right wing zealots here in Vcr) in the library - just to see the level of propaganda - quite a lot during this election. No wonder it takes the NY times - an outside paper - to dig up a story.

Anonymous said...

BC is still a frontier Province.The only thing that makes life bearable is that we have natural resources and lots of land.
We have not yet had a situation serious enough to get off our backsides and challenge the status quo/deep state.
The control the rich and infamous exert upon the population through media control is lost on people that have never experienced any other or are too busy working to pay off high debt loads.
The baby boomers, who should know better, are sticking their heads in the sand whilst gripping tightly to their bank accounts and blustering' fuck off, it's all mine,


Anonymous said...

BTW; I can't bring up the link on the TPP.

It will be interesting to see what, if any , new proposals will come of it.
Perhaps without Sam Slick the American trader being involved it could be interesting.
With four more years of Trump in front of us ,and the other prospective partners, we cannot just sit around to see what he demands.
At the end of the day we have to realise that whilst the USA is a huge market it is still a nation in decline and will not go down gracefully; it will kick scream and gouge anyone in it's way as all fading empires have.

Toby said...

Anonymous said..."BTW; I can't bring up the link on the TPP."

Try here.