Sunday, May 14, 2017

Why Aren't We Deporting this Jailbird Back to His Own Country?

He's like something from the barnyard you just can't quite scrape off your boots.

He's not a Canadian citizen. He's a convicted felon who has served a stretch in an American prison. He's a British citizen, an ermine-robed member of the House of Lords. So why is he still in Canada?

Conrad Black, Lord Conrad of Piddlepuddle to the likes of you, has come to the defence of his longtime friend, the Cheeto Benito, Donald Trump.

"There is no case. It’s nonsense. It’s a fiction. No sane person could imagine that Donald Trump or any person of authority in his campaign colluded with the Russians. It’s just nonsense."

"And by the way, there’s no comparison whatsoever with Watergate. Nothing. Mr. Nixon did not commit a crime, some people did, in the national committee and in the White House staff. Nixon didn’t. There were leakers all the time. But at least there was a crime there somewhere.
"And there isn’t here. There is no evidence of any. Nothing. It’s a confection. A fabrication."

Of course, to hear Connie the Con tell it, he didn't commit any crimes either.


Anonymous said...

That's an excellent question, Mound. How is it that Con Black remains in the country? I'm not an immigration lawyer, but as I understand it, Con would first have to become a permanent resident before he could reapply for Canadian citizenship. The trouble is that people with felony convictions are normally barred from permanent residency. So is Con here on a work permit? If so, who's his employer?


Anonymous said...

Anyong......Why is Con Black in this country? Get a grip guys!@ It's because of his money or rather, his so called money which is hidden away. So now, we are back to square one....why is he here in Canada? It is a bewitching morsel.

Anonymous said...

I've been wondering about this Lord Black of Crossharbour thing for quite some time as well. His arguments against the US system of justice and plea-bargaining to get convictions for something or other 97% of the time, are mere excuses for the fact they got him fair and square. And boy, does he get on his high horse if anyone dare question the logic of his self-identified superior brain and the interpretations he so fulsomely delivers by way of the written word.

Boil it all down, and what we have is the classic feudal baron lording it over the serfs and peons faithfully plugging away at jobs he and his types begrudgingly offer to the "uneducated" masses. No wonder he believes Trump is okay - another BS artist in the business field.

Harper let Black back into Canada following his US incarceration. Black repaid that favour of Stevie breaking all the rules (he had renounced Canadian citizenship to become a member of The Lords) by vilifying him during the last election campaign. So a non-Canadian who shat all over this country and Chretien, was allowed (back) into our country to stay. No doubt it is all highly illegal, and the man is no longer well-off even if that past illusion of wealth was based on borrowed money rather than reality.

The Brits won't have him. So one can only surmise that dear Conrad's dinner repartee was so interesting and edifying to the oligarchs of this country Canada, that the fix was in among the folk who pull all the strings here. Nasty. But the self-induced coma among the rich that they must be intelligent merely because they are rich and the rest of the inconsequential poor bumpkins who actually work and keep the place going are dumb, overrides all laws and statutes.

I do believe this kind of horse manure was identified by the French revolutionaries in 1789, and they lost little time letting the self-admiring rich know that their run was at an end. It's the only way to stop the bullying.

The Mound of Sound said...

I've wondered if the Brits have served notice on Connie that, as a convicted felon, should he return to their shores he would be stripped of his lordship or even forfeit his British citizenship. To my knowledge he hasn't set foot in Old Blighty since they gave him back his street clothes and $50 the day he left prison.

Lulymay said...

Seems that the media, when they decide that those who (apparently) have enough money and/or prestige, and therefore above reproach no matter what they do, are to be protected. I seem to recall that Alan Eagleson was a major hero extraordinaire according the the Canadian Press, even though he was busy diverting pension funds of our hockey heroes into questionable areas. Remember, it was NOT the Canadian press that put pressure on these nefarious activities, nor was it our vaunted legal entities. It was those unwashed media press and legal entities across the border that brought Eagleson's illegal activities to the fore and eventually the court room that brought his "hero" status down to an appropriate level. These are the same folks that looked far more carefully at Black's activities as well.

I;m not suggesting that the U.S. has a clean sheet when it comes to their 'heroes' but that we have no reason to be smug either.

John B. said...

Ah, yes! Lord Black on the French Revolution in simpler times:

"I'm not prepared to re-enact the French Revolutionary renunciation of the rights of the nobility."

According to CBC, the 2012 BBC Jeremy Paxman interview of Lord Black was conducted in the UK.


"Former media baron Conrad Black, on his first visit to London after his release from a U.S. jail last spring, was in fighting form during a testy exchange with renowned BBC television broadcaster Jeremy Paxman. ...

"Black has now indicated he plans to resume his seat in the House of Lords.

"When asked by Paxman whether he would return to the House of Lords, he replied, 'Well, why not,' adding there is no rule against those with convictions from doing so."

Full interview:

The Sky interview by Adam Bouton was also done during this trip. Before he departed the UK he appeared on BBC's satirical show "Have I Got News For You".

I don't know whether Lord Black has travelled to the UK since then, but I'd guess that he's probably far more comfortable plunking his ass here so that he can continue to enjoy the star treatment accorded him by more accommodating TV interviewers and by his colleagues from among Canada's pretentious clique of intellectual glitterati.

Anonymous said...

I thought the penalty in Canada for being a non citizen with a conviction and undeportable was unlimited detention.

Anonymous said...

US conviction rates from Wkwipedia: For 2012, the US Department of Justice reported a 93% conviction rate.[4] The conviction rate is also high in U.S. state courts. Coughlan writes, "In recent years, the conviction rate has averaged approximately 84% in Texas, 82% in California, 72% in New York, 67% in North Carolina, and 59% in Florida."[5] The Crown Court has a conviction rate of 80%, according to the BBC.

The Mound of Sound said...

Thanks for the info, John B. I really think that, so long as we're extending our graciousness to Lord Black, it would not be unreasonable to require that he dress as Cardinal Richelieu in public. Just so we are constantly reminded what an asshole he remains to this day.

Northern PoV said...

There are a few "writers" I stopped reading a while back....

The wretched Wente, Warren K and Lord Black prominently among them.

Kinda like when I stopped watching TV News - my quality of life improved.

Dana said...

Its clear why the Harperian regime let him come back. Less clear why the Justinian regime allows him to remain.

Anonymous said...

Beware of men in 'frocks'.said the alter boy.
Conrads new Roman Catholic virtues should not confuse us.
The 'upper house' at both sides of the Atlantic are circumspect..