Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Christy Clark Could Be the Most Corrupt Premier in Modern Canadian History.

Well my favourite Loud Liberal has come up with an off-the-wall endorsement of Liberal-in-name-only, B.C. Premier Christy Clark and her sullied government.

The local NDP, he tells us, are nasty and crude and there's probably a bit of truth to that although I've never been involved with them so I'll have to take his word and a grain of salt on that one.

Then he crosses the line when he excoriates the NDP for corruption, branding the Glen Clark government "the most corrupt provincial government in modern Canadian history." I never cared for Clark but "the most corrupt modern Canadian history"? There isn't enough salt to take on that one.

Perhaps he has no idea of what British Columbia has endured since his friend, Gord Campbell, came to power in 2001. You want scandal? Campbell and Christy Clark sell it by the yard. Hell, they'll sell anything.

Glen Clark did nothing comparable to the B.C. Liberals corruption.  There's the B.C. Hydro scandal. The B.C. Rail scandal. The Site C dam fiasco. Christy Clark has even made The New York Times where her government was labeled "The Wild West of Canadian Political Cash."

And doesn't Christy have a thing for no-questions-asked cash. During the last election, Christy traveled to Calgary to collect a huge campaign contribution from the Calgary Petroleum Club. Of course that wasn't a bribe and she wasn't influence peddling either.  And that bitumen bounty is still rolling in.

In fact, according to data compiled by Elections BC and Elections Alberta, corporate oil and gas donations to the BC Liberals have significantly outstripped comparable gifts to the then-ruling Alberta PC Party. Since 2005, the largest oil and gas corporate donors gave more than $3.1 million to the BC Liberals, relative to a mere $1.8 million to the Alberta Conservatives.

For those with an appetite for the lurid, here are some links to accounts of the B.C. Liberal government's corrupt ways - and they are extensive.\

In February, The Globe's Gary Mason asked has Christy Clark had her "enough's enough" scandal?  Really, Gary, did you need to ask?

Back in 2015, HuffPo chose to list Christy's Top 9 scandals. In April of last year HuffoPo did an expose of the scandalous companies contracted to do work for B.C. Hydro.

The list goes on and on and on. The duo of Gordo Campbell and Christy Clark, in terms of scandal, put the legendary Grant Devine government to shame.

I'm no fan of John Horgan but I hope he wins. Maybe then British Columbians can start to peel back the layers of blankets Campbell and Clark used to cover their corruption and chicanery and get a look at what lurks beneath.\


From the "But Wait, There's More" file.  The Tyee has updated its tally of Liberal falsehoods, boondoggles and scandals. The total now stands at 117. Yeah, a new record!!  BTW - here's how The Tyee defines those terms:

By falsehood we mean promises broken or assertions that proved demonstrably untrue. By boondoggle we mean significant public money lost to waste, overruns, or ill-conceived initiatives. And by scandal we mean moments when government was revealed to have seriously broken rules or caused harm either deliberately or through neglect or incompetence. The Tyee chose these categories with the assumption that all voters, no matter their political leanings, would prefer their government tell the truth, spend money responsibly, and avoid embarrassing breaches of ethics or the law.


Toby said...

I have no doubt whatsoever that The BC Libs are the most corrupt government in Canada. It rivals some nasty Third World countries in that regard.

The hardest form of corruption for most people to cope with is the in-your-face-all-the-time stuff. Think of police forcing you to pay bribes. The opposite of that is behind the scenes and often legalized. Think of Christy's lavish meet the Premier fund raisers with their large donations and subsequent government contracts. Think Campbell selling BC Rail, privatizing control of BC Ferries and BC Hydro. When Christy says that BC is open for business she means that anything public is up for sale even if taxpayers have to subsidize the buyers.

Anonymous said...

The more these people can rip off the general public with tax evasion, pay for nothing contracts, and general giveaways the more influential and powerful they become.
The more entrenched they become the more difficult to remove from power and influence.
Eventually, left unchecked, they will even devour their own base.
By then it will be too late for change!


Ben Burd said...

Where was Kinsella in all of these scandals - hanging around the edges enough to be connected in many stories and allegations. A rabid attack dog lib he is clinging to reality by his unhinged attacks on Horgan.