Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Trump Lawyers Up

He says he has no and never has had any connections with the Russians since entering politics but Donald Trump is smart enough to lawyer up anyway.

Donald Trump has appointed lawyer Marc Kasowitz to represent him in an inquiry into Russia's alleged meddling in the US presidential election and any links to the Trump campaign, US media report.

Mr Trump has used services of the New York lawyer - known as a tenacious litigator - for more than a decade.

Last week, former FBI boss Robert Mueller was named special counsel for the Department of Justice inquiry.

President Trump denies any collusion between his campaign and Russia.

However, US intelligence agencies believe Moscow tried to tip the 2016 election in favour of Mr Trump.

Meanwhile, the CBC's Neil Macdonald casts Trump as a "steaming pile of hypocrisy" in a thoughtful piece well worth a read.

President Donald Trump the Chronos of hypocrisy. He is Jabba the Hutt, with hypocrisy crouching in a silver bikini, a leash around its neck.

Trump is more capable than even his peers in Third World dictatorships of delivering judgment on something, and then turning around and doing that very thing, fecklessly and without the slightest shame, and then attacking anyone who notices. And like Third World dictators, he surfs on his own personality cult-wave.

It's addictive, actually. On the rare occasion when Trump acts presidential for a few days, reporters and politicos feel like a perk has suddenly and unfairly been cut off.

In case you missed it on Sunday, here's John Oliver's take on "Stupid

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