Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Showdown at the OK Corral

The soon-to-be former premier of British Columbia, Christy Clark, is not going to go gracefully.

Clark has announced she intends to stay on as premier because, after all, elections are for losers, voters and other people who really don't matter.

Christy Clark has announced she intends to try to stay on as British Columbia's premier, despite the province's NDP and Green Party leaders making a pact that would give the New Democrats the support of a majority of the MLAs in the legislature.

But she also admitted she was likely to lose a confidence vote — and if so, would resign as premier.

"Our province is at a really historic moment. This is a moment comes with responsibilities," Clark said.

"We have reviewed the constitutional advice and the historic precedents ... and we will live up to those responsibilities we have. We have a duty to meet the House and to test its confidence ... and I intend to do that in very short order."

My job, according to constitutional convention, is go to the Lieutenant-Governor [and] ask for an opportunity to test the confidence of the House."

But David Moscrop, a political scientist with Simon Fraser University, said that isn't necessarily the case.

"Christy Clark didn't have to meet the House. She could have resigned," he said.

"She knows she's going to lose the vote, so this could be a play to try and make the NDP and Greens wear this in the next election after she's tried to 'constructively' set up a government."


Dana said...

She's probably spent the last week doing everything she can short of twisting Judy's arm out of it's socket to make her rancher pal call another election rather than let the NDP/Green coalition happen.

Anonymous said...

It is a stall manoeuvre to triple delete as much as they can and shred as many documents as needed

The Mound of Sound said...

Dana, are you calling Christy a schemer, a plotter? Heaven forbid. Perhaps she hasn't found a radio station willing to give her a talk spot.

Dana said...

I hear there's a station in Manila with an opening for a talk radio host with a 'tude.

Gyor said...

Okay, thank you, Christy Clark's seemingly delusional behavior now makes sense, getting rid of the evidence.

Gyor said...

Okay, thank you, Christy Clark's seemingly delusional behavior now makes sense, getting rid of the evidence.

Northern PoV said...

Every day the Libs are "in power" it is full speed ahead for Site C (and all the other boondoggles that haven't yet collapsed on their own.)

Summer is construction season. If Site C can be stopped today (ie with economic justification), will that still be true come Sept.?
I know the pending Horgan gov't plans to review Site C and so far they did not mention a suspension of work in the meantime .... but after taking power that could change and there are lots of maneuvers that can slow the project w/o a complete suspension.

Owen Gray said...

Delusion has become endemic.

Dana said...

I wonder if she will need to be escorted from the office by the RCMP.

I wonder if the RCMP would do it.

It's unlikely the local media would make a big deal of it.

The strange cat lady next door in Alberta will actually want Clark to remain in office as long as possible and may well try and help that happen - creating an existential problem with potentially fatal implications for the NDP as a national entity.

It's becoming clearer and clearer that the optimal way forward for BC is secession.

For a long time I've thought Vancouver Island ought to be a province in it's own right. Come August I'll be a resident so maybe I'll look up a local chapter of the Vancouver Island Party.

rww said...

I'm willing to giver her the benefit of the doubt that she just believes it constitutionally preferred to have the confidence of the House tested, though that certainly is not required, so long as the government brings a confidence motion before the house immediately for a vote without debate (by all party agreement), no throne speech, no throne speech debate, no stalling.

The Mound of Sound said...

@ rww - Trust me, Christy Clark looks a lot different close up than she may appear from the safety of Kanata.

The Mound of Sound said...

Where are you headed,Dana, Victoria?

Dana said...

Parksville, actually. Farrell Drive.