Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Hey Trump. They're Taking the Piss Out of You.

There was quite a giggle when the Great Orange Bloat joined Egyptian thug, Fattah el Sisi and Saudi king Salman to place their hands on the magical glowing orb.

Today the prime ministers of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland decided to take the piss out of the Cheeto Benito and join their hands on a magical orb of their own. Wait, maybe it's just a soccer ball.

1 comment:

deb said...

hahaha, thats amazing. Todays speech the Donald mentioned how he remove america from the paris accord, one line he actually says he will not have the other countries laughing at him or america.
oh well
too late, almost from the get go he was mocked but more for his stupidity not other americans.