Tuesday, May 16, 2017

This Is What Our World Looks Like

In Washington, Kurds protested the arrival of Turkish strongman, Recep Erdogan.

As they have in the past, Erdogan's bodyguards, neatly dressed in suits, waded into the protesters and the capital police didn't arrest one of these Turkish thugs. They simply ignore American police and the cops bend to it.


Lorne said...

Behaviour typical of banana republics, Mound. I hadn't completely realized the U.S. had 'achieved' that status.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

The only boundaries that exist are between social ranks and classes.

The Mound of Sound said...

What happened in Washington has played out before in Europe during Erdogan's visits. He always brings his brown shirt brigade, ostensibly as security, but they seem to be there mainly to mix it up with any demonstrators who show up to protest. There'll be one contingent in suits, another in polo shirts and jeans, and they'll charge across streets, past police, to get at the demonstrators. None of them ever seems to be arrested by cops who are supposed to keep the two groups apart.

the salamander said...

.. seen two extended clips of this event.. What seems to have been missed completely, is the concept of disturbing the peace or disorderly conduct by either side.. Needed two paddy wagons on standby, adequate & intelligent policing, including at least two supervisors.

The protesters needed to know they would be detained if they were on the road, or on the actual property. No ifs no buts, if possible stantions with police tape, along sidewalk and/or road.

The security goons should have been either inside the building or cleary restrained from being on the sidewalk or road. There must have been half a planeload of them.. and screw the 'diplomatic immunity' nonsense. They were clearly agitating and insulting.. then violently abusive and violent. Way out there screwball thugs.

Wait till we see this kind of partisan and factional idiocy between American citizens.. and on far far larger scale than this violent confrontation of less than 100 or so.

How many will accompany the Frump to Saudi Arabia and Israel.. and will they be as freaky as Erdogan's creepshow, when stationed outside the American Embassy? And other 'dignitaries' will accompany Frump? Bannon? Kushner? Ivanka? Nikki Haley? Callista Gingrich? Melania? And all sorts of GOP evangelicals and hangers on? Any dear Frump friends a la Roger Stone, the Mercer Gang,, Newt? Will this travelling goat rodeo clisterf__k exceed Stephen Harper's world record number of jets and people?

Can tell you one sure thing about this trip.. absolutely nothing good will happen.. nothing but bad or disgusting

The Mound of Sound said...

We are seeing something akin to this, Sal, in confrontations between the AntiFa (anti-fascist) and Trump supporters who turn out at each other's rallies. Both groups appear to be spoiling for a fight although the Trumpists tend to show up in helmets and some sports protection (motorcycle jackets, shin protectors, etc.).

It's troubling that Erdogan thinks he can bring his own gang of thugs to any country he visits. Some are embassy staffers. It's pretty obvious that they're under orders to mix it up with demonstrators. In any case, whether in Washington, Berlin or Paris these guys seem to operate with impunity.

Owen Gray said...

That's what worries me the most. We seem to be spoiling for a fight -- the kind that attracts thugs.

Anonymous said...

Erdogan's thugs were armed and that may have caused police to treat them with caution. Have a look at these stills from the video.


The Mound of Sound said...

Those stills pretty much speak for themselves. Thanks, Cap.