Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Pure Ecstasy

Another one of those "a picture is worth..." moments.

A lucky photographer captures the moment as a wave of utter ecstasy sweeps across the face of pope Francis as he poses for the obligatory snapshot with the Cheeto Benito, his frau, Melania, and his daughter-wife Ivanka.

While they refused to wear head coverings in Saudi Arabia, the ladies got them on quick enough to see the Man in White. They also chose matching black dresses, a tribute, perhaps, to the Inquisition? However Melania clearly wasn't about to waste one of her remaining smiles on the guy in the white beanie. Trump, meanwhile, grinned like a trained seal.


Owen Gray said...

I suspect that Francis has seen the future and he is not happy.

John's Aghast said...

What a waste of a beautiful lady. What a waste of skin to her left.

Anonymous said...

Note that Melania's hands are clearly bigger than Donnie's.


Anonymous said... interesting capture of Melania brushing Trumps hand away as he tries to hold it while in Israel.

the salamander said...

.. aside from the truly subtle dark glee evident upon the Pope's face as he slumps cleverly on his feet.. the most striking thing to me is the evident photoshopping of the neck of Ivanka. I recall but one other miraculous & freakish longnecked example & that would be Bashar el-Assad's - I kid you not.. Ok there was an NFL linebacker for the Colts who was called 'the Stork' & his extended neck was not even close. Anyway, she's also close to sliding out of the frame.. and is that Kushner the in law just a black arm n trouser, nicely cropped out ?

its a crap assembly line Pope tourism pic, no balance or warmth, truly insignificant kitsch.. kind of a laughably stupid 'trophy' shot.. like Jason Kenney has 2 or 3 of these y'know. The other two in black uh.. seemingly enroute to a funeral in New Orleans are a pair. The frump Trump, a prize cow fatteneded on pizza and the clever gold digger super wife clothes horse.. what? 8-10 outfits a day she needs. Wish she had worn the chic Faux Military outfit again.. a big hit back in the middle east, or Israel.. it needed epaulets or some black braid & some bling or a fashionista hip holster but hey I'm feeling catty now.

Its Green Acres meets The Adams Family enroute to a Quaker funeral. The grinning buffoon, out of his head Trumpling is over his head wherever he goes. Can't keep his pie hole or pizza hole shut, gotta mouth off so he can hear himself talk. A horrible addiction in any such case, but worse in his particular case, since he has to listen to his own bullshit all day, every day. Must be why he has that shit eating grin on his face

The Mound of Sound said...

Sal, your comment sent me online in search of Ivanka photos. There are a few that show her with what seems to be an unnaturally long neck. The thing is, it makes her head look unnaturally small. I don't know, a cyborg perhaps, a droid?

Mrs. Trump also looks oddly droidish, devoid of any trace of life except, perhaps, that her eyes appear open. That grin on Trump's face is probably what the pageant contestants saw when he barged into their changing room.

And, yes, I have to assume that is Jared's arm. He must have run afoul of the Cheeto Benito to be cropped from this snap.