Monday, May 08, 2017

Climate Change Morphing Into an Existential Problem

I came across this lecture delivered just over a month ago. I thought it important enough - to you - to post it here. I'll let Dr. Ramanathan speak for himself


Toby said...

What may be most telling is in the comment section under the video at Youtube. To quote one Michael Robles, "Climate Change is a Hoax. NOT REAL. STOP THE LIES. CLIMATE CHANGE IS NOT HAPPENING AND WILL NOT HAPPEN"

If Robles was alone in his denial I wouldn't worry but he has a pal in the White House and a shill in Ottawa. The denialists are likely to win this argument and when they do we all lose. The third rock from the sun won't care.

Buckminster Fuller presented an Operating Manual For Spaceship Earth back in 1968. This stuff has been around for a long time. People are very good at ignoring it.

Owen Gray said...

Prophets crying in the wilderness.

Anonymous said...

Reality is around the corner.