Monday, May 29, 2017

B.C. Greens Support NDP. Adios Christy.

The B.C. Liberal government's reign appears to be at an end. The Green Party has agreed to support the Horgan NDP.

The agreement, announced by Green Leader Andrew Weaver and NDP Leader John Horgan at a news conference in Victoria, would see the Greens and New Democrats use their combined one-seat majority in the legislature to bring down the BC Liberals. The Greens would then agree to support an NDP government in confidence votes, such as throne speeches or budgets, for four years.

“In the end, we had to make a difficult decision – that decision was for the B.C. Greens to work together to provide a stable minority government for the four-year term,” said Mr. Weaver.

Details of the agreement, which both Mr. Weaver and Mr. Horgan said ran “many pages,” were not released on Monday.

Mr. Weaver said he and the other two Green members in the legislature have signed on, while Mr. Horgan said his caucus would vote on ratifying the agreement on Tuesday.

Mr. Weaver had set out three “deal breakers” that include official party status, campaign finance reform and proportional representation, although other issues, including the party’s opposition to several Liberal resource priorities, also would have factored into such talks. 

The announcement should sit well with most British Columbians. From The Tyee:

Just over half of respondents to an Insights West survey released Friday said they believed the Greens should support the NDP led by John Horgan, while 38 per cent wanted the Greens to help the BC Liberal Party and leader Christy Clark hold government.

Among Green voters, the preference for supporting the NDP was even more pronounced, with 62 per cent favouring a Green-NDP alliance. Less than 25 per cent of Green voters favoured backing the Liberals.

The poll, conducted online between May 22 and 25, surveyed 803 adults and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 per cent, 19 times out of 20.

Insights also found that just over half of British Columbians are satisfied with the current first-past-the-post electoral system. Almost two-thirds said any change should be put to a referendum.

The Green Party’s election platform called for introducing proportional representation without a referendum. The NDP promised to introduce and campaign for a new electoral system but said any change must be approved in a referendum.


Toby said...

We can assume Christy and crew are pulling out their bag of dirty tricks.

Northern PoV said...

Brings to mind that great piece of classic music....
"Ding dong the witch is dead" ;-)

Weaver does a bit resemble the cowardly Lion and Horgan the Tin Man.
So is the LG playing Dorothy? No, Dorothy is us happy voters, clicking our heels together three times and getting rid of Site C & KM.

Robert said...

Site C isn't going anywhere, its too far along to shut down now. Besides BC will need the power for the sawmills once log exports are curtailed.

Northern PoV said...

Hey Robert
We actually save a lot of money if site C is killed (or delayed till when/if their is demand, ever)

bcwaterboy said...

I agree Toby, our West Kelowna MLA will not go down without a fight. The usual suspects are all over twitter denouncing the plan to restore integrity in BC politics- they really don't understand our system and assume that Christy has the moral authority to continue as premier, she does not without gaming the system and using her friends in high places to pull it all off.

the salamander said...

.. I don't think enough Canadians realize what a seismic shift just occurred in British Columbia .. This reaches far beyond politics.. indeed it reverberates across a huge spectrum lf Canadian society and culture.. and of course it will impact policy, governance, identity, culture, and environment. As Alberta founders from essentially generations of political malfeasamce.. and Saskatchewan not far behind, Ontario struggles just as mightily. We may never know which province was or is the most corrupt politically.. or should I say, which province had or has the most corrupt political parties?

I expect the Christy Clark regime will desperately seek a 'legal' bafflement.. a way to ignore or circumvent the current laws.. What I truly love is how she has been undone.. given the boot. Site C should be parked and quickly shelved. Justin Trudeau should be given notice his unholy support for BC's 'liberals' is no longer a play. And BC should get on with cleaning up the political manure that's stinking up the west coast of Canada..

Anonymous said...

CHristy will have given up when the shredders appear outside the Legislative building.
The Liberals have many years of paper trail to destroy ; right back to BC Rail.
Once the shredding is done the new Government should be wary of time bombs left to create destruction and confusion.


The Mound of Sound said...

Anyone remember the day, a few days prior to the 2015 federal election, when Harper & Co. realized all was lost? That was the day when the moving trucks descended on the Langevin Building, Harper's office. They began by delivering flats of packing boxes, masses of them, and then returned to begin days of carting them away once they were filled with documents never to be seen by the public.