Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Relax, It's Only a Promise From a Guy Whose Word Means Little at Best

Yeah, Right.

The Auditor General, Michael Ferguson, has doubts about Justin Trudeau's promise to phase out fossil fuel subsidies by 2025.

Mike, relax, it was never more than a promise from a guy whose promises mean next to nothing. Ask any Canadian about "electoral reform." Ask any British Columbian about "social licence" and pipelines and supertankers and such. Ask any of Canada's co-signatories to the Paris climate accord.

Justin Trudeau talks a good game but, well, he's usually full of shit when it comes to his promises.

What's that saying, "fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me." Fool me again and again and again, well, they haven't got a handy phrase for that one yet.


Toby said...

You mean 2025. Otherwise I agree. Trudeau is an empty-head for whom public promises mean nothing.

The Mound of Sound said...

Thanks, Toby. Fixed.

the salamander said...

.. waiting now, Mound.. for an enterprising and persistant journo or indy blogger, to root out all the various 'with exceptions' moving goalposts and 'at the discretion of Cabinet' or Order of Council' magic tricks regarding the so called Supertanker Ban on BC's north coast along with Trudeau's 'Investment Bank'

You know.. where Canadian taxpayers pay for the 'infrastructure' and all the perks of the 'Investors' whether domestic or foreign owned when they become controllers of the 'Bank' .. Canadian taxpayers of course, will receive DICK .. NADA.. NOTHING.. The 'Investors' will make out like bandits.. low and no risk profits forever n ever, amen.

What intrigues me and should burn holes in the mind of any responsible journo.. is NOT whether the 'Investment Bank' ends up running a toll road in Ontario or a bridge over a Saskatchewan slough.. no no.. Does it include pipeline (oil, LNG, Dilbit, diluent) refineries, supertanker ports.. or ownership and total control of the lands and access lands required for any so called 'infrastructures' .. that may also include related fracking - including piping water to drill sites plus disposal of toxins from each site

Its all related in my view, to the supertanker 'ban' as my take is that Trudeau's government included clauses allowing for changes to the actual cargo that are excluded from the ban! In other words, dilbit may be described as a refined or processed material since it is 25% diluent.. and often described as 'a synthetic oil' .. The ban specifically at this point excludes refined 'oil' ie kerosene, aviation fuel, solvents etc. Thus we may see The 'Investment Bank' owning and managing refineries on the North Coast of BC.. as well as port facilities for Dilbit as well as LNG (excluded from the ban)

By 'Order of Council' probably euchres the 'Not Withstanding' end around.. as the greatest way to trash treaties and First Nations consultation etc.. as well as the wishes of the general federal or provincial electorate.. and Christy Clark is grinning at how it all works.

I myself am betting they name the trillion $ lake above Site C - Lake Christy Clark ..

The Mound of Sound said...

Hey, Sal. Krugman made the point yesterday that, with the cost of government borrowing so low today, it makes no sense to pursue these PPP deals at least not from the public's perspective. It's handing the private sector the power to rape the citizenry on deals the government ought to have done itself.

I guess Trudeau is sailing under the radar these days with Trump getting all the attention.

Anonymous said...

The only example of an infrastructure investment that the then announced head of the IB made on the day his appointment was made was "pipelines for example".
Energy East I would assume

The Mound of Sound said...

Hi Willy.

Pipelines ought to be a strictly private venture. Public funds can only serve as a subsidy.