Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Is the Queen Dying? Could It Be Philip? Maybe the Corgis?

The Queen's royal staff have been summoned to an emergency meeting at Buckingham Palace. Staffers are said to be descending on London from royal residences across the U.K.

The news, from "sources", has sent the internet into meltdown as the monarch's aides and team members from as far as Balmoral in Scotland to her Sandringham Estate in Norfolk and Windsor Castle head to the city residence.

According to the Daily Mail, the staff will be addressed by the most senior officer of the royal household, Lord Chamberlain, and the Queen's private secretary, Sir Christopher Geidt.

UK radio is reporting, and social media is speculating, the news could be regarding her husband Prince Philip.

Then again, maybe Her Majesty, has simply had enough of the old bugger and decided it's time for a conscious uncoupling. Or perhaps there's been a meltdown over the prospect of having to host the Cheeto Benito in the royal digs this October.

As all great journalists say, time will tell.


That's a relief (I actually do like them both, the corgis not so much). Phil is hanging up his spurs. At 95 he'll do no more public engagements. Just breathing at 95 is an accomplishment of sorts. I wonder if the missus will decide she's done her share too.

"I'm sorry to hear you're standing down", one man told him at a royal lunch on Thursday. "Well, I can't stand up much," the duke quipped.


the salamander said...

.. I was gifted with some remarkable 'visual' and visual projection potentials..
Mu current challeng is to feed that gift into the realm of written word ..
In other words, translate my visual imagination .. to words

Your take on the Royal Loyal household and far flung servants
fired my imagination up..
But it was your mention of Donald the Vulgar
squeezing his massive bulk in beside or across from
.. Her Royal Highness that captured my built in visualizer..

The dialogue.. perhaps including grunts from Melania
or good gawd.. cheerful mundane chit chat via Ivanka and/or her hubby
really stimulates me.. ( I can be quite beastly in doing so )

But then, I figure the Mound should run with this one..
I myself fall victim to this news from, Britain.. far away and the USA
but thinking about the sheer buffoonery of Qheen & Trumph posturing
and smiling charmingly.. or worse, with Ivanka supervising - attending
makes me want to shriek.. and howl with laughter at the same time..
Its Monty Python come to life. Alice in Wonderland

All I ask is that the Eminance Grease - Stephen Bannon
ride along in the guilded carriage.. the whole shebang in one carriage !

The Mound of Sound said...

No, Sal, I shan't "run with that one." It's your nightmare, you do it. Maybe the whole thing's a setup. Maybe it's their way to tell Trump that they can't have him over to Buck House, they're just too weary. Wouldn't be much of a photo op if Philip showed up to the door in his jammies.

"Her Majesty regrets to inform the President that she and Prince Philip are just too old for his shit. There is, however, a lovely roll out bed available at 10 Downing St."

Deacon Jester said...

Abdicating the day before the visit would be quite a statement.