Sunday, October 29, 2017

A Must Watch - The Chronology of American Crazy

C'mon, we've all known that just to the south of us, in the homeland of our American cousins, our largest trading partners and closest allies, a degree of crazy lubricated the gears that kept that state churning over. We always kept a polite distance, sensing that they were a little nuts.

Kurt Andersen, in a must watch video, explains the chronology of crazy in the United States. They've been crazy from the get go but they're hyper-crazy now.


Owen Gray said...

An excellent clip, Mound. Thank you.

Lorne said...

I think he nails it here, Mound.

Toby said...

The loony industrial complex with its best of everything including more of the biggest bombs . . . It's not enough to have just one; we have to have more than everyone else.

The Mound of Sound said...

What gets me is how the version of America we learned in high school was so misleading. The narrative was laundered and it made a lot of America's history and actions appear almost sane. All you ever heard was the first verse of the Star Spangled Banner. So much of what was fed to me as history back in the early 60s was just nonsense and yet it was standard far in high schools in Canada and the States. In his own way Kurt Vonnegut wrote more accurately of America than what was on the pages of our history books.

the salamander said...

.. When elected & unelected 'public servants' sell out the citizenry
as we see again & again in Canada and USA..
those who captured political parties & thus governments
also take over perception, public discourse and propaganda..
Yes, they grab MainstreamMedia in a chokehold ASAP

Don't expect the Paul Godfrey's & partisan media sellouts
to miss out on such an opportunity
or the political animals a la Harper or Trudeau
to not realize what they have to sell.. or just take..

The Mound of Sound said...

The driving force behind the rise of the corporate media cartel was the shift from delivering information, news, and its replacement with messaging. Once you narrow news outlets to a small club with compatible self-interests, it's all messaging - information dispensed with slants and spin. That takes the product out of the public realm and into a proprietary state. Once the media cartel reaches that point it has something of tangible value it can trade for concessions from those supposed to regulate their activity in the public interest.

You cannot have a functioning democracy without an informed electorate. Restoring that state requires a dismantling of the corporate media. Have you seen any sign that Trudeau has that on his agenda? I haven't.