Monday, October 09, 2017

Rafe Mair, Dead at 85.

He was much loved by many British Columbians. Lawyer, Social Credit cabinet minister, radio host, colossal thorn in the side to Christy Clark and her B.C. Liberal government, and in his latter years an ardent progressive and environmental activist, Rafe Mair has this day died at age 85.


Anonymous said...

Must have been quick, Rafe was publishing just three weeks ago. Nice write-up on the Tyee. Well, he put his opinion out there unafraid of ramifications, and these days that's unusual. So far as I can see, your average journalist today merely repeats the government line on foreign affairs with no analysis whatsoever, is not particularly insightful on national affairs, and if working for the right wing Postmedia, happily bumbles along issuing standard Conservative boilerplate and dissing liberals and lefties. How incisively deep and analytical! Not. Afraid of being tagged a whistleblower and losing their job rather than digging for truth.

Rafe just got on with whatever path his investigations led him, not caring less what the big boys thought for the most part. So I raise a glass to him. Well done, sir!

Trailblazer said...

The folks at CKNW were discussing Rafe's passing today.
He spoke his mind , they said.
But they were different days they said!
On another programme, Charles Adler spoke of not having direction from his employer; I'm free to speak my mind says he!
All this from radio compares that are chosen because they will tow the
company line!!

Rafe is only eclipsed by Jack Webster.

We now have NO ,NO, radio voice to serve the public good.