Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Brexit or Trump. Whose Voters Were the Stupidest?

Ask Michael Bloomberg


Northern PoV said...

Assuming he doesn't start nuclear war, Trump is just another R president... w/o good manners. Brexit is game changer. Corker & Flake provide distraction while they helped kill consumer protection.

Owen Gray said...

We need all remember what Bloomberg told the Democratic convention. As a New Yorker, he knows a con when he sees it.

John B. said...

"The UK didn't take anyone from Northern Africa or the Middle East. The UK immigrants came from places like Poland, where they needed carpenters and painters and plumbers and that sort of thing. So they didn't have an immigration problem."

I get it. So papism not being the irritant it once was, if they're northern white and European then what's the problem, eh? Thanks for clearing that up, Mike.

"If they don't pay a penalty, everyone else would do it."

Why would that be? Is everyone else also that stupid?