Sunday, March 10, 2019

Big Scandal - In a Very, Very Small Pond

Oh to see ourselves as others see us.

Ask a Washington reporter what he makes of this SNC-Lavalin "scandal." Why, he goes positively weak at the knees - not. I think the foreign press finds our scandal almost quaint and definitely very, very Canadian.


Karl Kolchak said...

Actually, I find it to be a key test of your institutions. Canadians seem to have two choices--hold Trudeau accountable, or start down the road to seeing the rule of law destroyed and becoming a failed state like the U.S.

There's nothing "quaint" about it.

Anonymous said...

Baloney. The US is not a failed state. In both Canada and the US the existence of periodic elections prevents the kind of situation we see with the China dictatorship not only ordering prosecutions and specifying judicial rulings in advance.

Our Conservative party is harrumphing about the "rule of law", when in fact it is Parliament that makes, changes and repeals those laws by which we are ruled. They are supposed to be general in nature, laws for all, yet our previous government would pass "x's law" named for some specific case used to rile the public and shame everyone into supporting it.

If they were in power, with their superior iron discipline we would not see the sausage making realities of how government can intervene (they would not call it interfering) in specific cases and request alternate prosecution tools be used. They would all be singing from the same hymnbook. They would instead inform us that the ability to intervene is a check on the unelected activist prosecutors and judges, and is an example of Parliamentary supremacy, which in fact it is. The fact they are not mentioning this shows they are simply manufacturing a scandal for their own political purposes.

Anonymous said...

South of the Border, you’ve got a Chinese Sex Slaver selling access to the top tier of Republicans with hand jobs, while providing access to the Tongs and Chinese Intelligence,

North of the border we have a guy who turned out to be a pretty face with a sock fetish.

Anonymous said...

I heard this on BBC. Not only Britain thinks we are a bunch of loose ball bearings rolling down a hill, so does the rest of the western world. Anyong