Thursday, March 07, 2019

Manafort Gets - Almost Off

Team Mueller was hoping that Paul Manafort would get many years in jail, as in the "rest of his natural life." 47 months, that's it.


Jay Farquharson said...

He’s up again for sentencing on other charges, infront of a different judge, next week, up to 10 years,

and another trial for him awaits.

The Reagan appointed Judge Ellis also said that Manafort “lived an otherwise blameless life,” and he was a “good friend and generous person to others.”

Whata load of crock.

Anonymous said...

Yup, nothing new here. The US has long had a separate legal system for the well-heeled. As Ari Berman tweeted:
"A shorter sentence than black woman in Texas who got 5 years for voting while on supervised release."


Willy said...

He was a good friend to a lot Republicans

The Mound of Sound said...

Yeah, blameless, right.

aidan maconachy said...

Such a lot of heat aimed in one direction by Mueller and his democrat thugs. The amount of corruption on the democrat side of the aisle simply gets overlooked, swept under the rug... most notably the very extensive Clinton related history of probe-worthy doings. The real crime obviously was the populist victory at the polls. The price of having the establishments world rocked are scalps... even though the primary purpose of Mueller's one-sided probe was to investigate collusion... a false narrative if ever there was one manufactured by sore losers.

Anonymous said...

Did you post your thoughts from the basement of Comet Ping Pong, Aidan MacOnachy?
What utter rubbish. The Clintons have been probed more often than any other President/presidential candidates and all the Republican could come up with was Billy Boy got a blow job. The Republicans especially have had a hate on for Hilary Clinton since Bill was made Democratic nominee and have never been able to come up with anything on her. Only a liar or a complete idiot would believe otherwise. Which one are you?

mr perfect

aidan maconachy said...

Well you're obviously a brainwashed slave-of-the-machine who echoes fake news like there is no tomorrow. Clinton used Bleachbit to wipe 30,000 emails for starters - probably worth a second glance. There are a lot of other areas of Dem corruption that warrant closer investigation. This spotlight on Trump for Russian collusion is in fact "a witch hunt" because they have zero evidence.

m. garcia said...

ok, so you don't have to luv the orange man to laugh at the idea of soem big election rigging plot. makes no sense. for one trump campaign was short on time--- smarts--- even the ability. demos that talk up this scheme need their heads examined. did vlad intrfere? yeah for sure--- just like we stick our snout in elections all round the globe. check it out--- mueller has been reaching for low hanging fruit and putting in overtime on sideshows. report maybe will try to show "patterns"--- but wont have EVIDENCE to take it to the nxet level. big enchilada aint there folks but some of us gotta try and save face.