Thursday, March 21, 2019

Two Days Running, The Guardian Editorial Slams Theresa May

Theresa May's televised address to the nation last night left a lot of people scratching their heads. Why, when she so needs support in the House of Commons, would she go on air merely to crap on members of parliament? The Guardian calls it "a form of national sabotage."

A prime minister is a national leader. Mrs May has occasionally said she wants to bring Britain together. But this week’s broadcast read the last rites over that dream. She is only interested in half of the country. She has no concern with the other half. She treats the millions who disagree with Brexitand her handling of it as if they simply do not exist. She does not hear them. She does not see them. For her, they are simply not there. But – memo to Mrs May – we always were and we always will be. 
It follows that Mrs May’s attempt on Wednesday to cast the Brexit crisis as parliament versus the people is a lie. It’s a lie because the divide over Brexit runs deep through the whole nation, not between parliament and the people. It’s a lie because the nation elected a hung parliament in 2017, not the rubber-stamping body for which she campaigned. It’s a lie because the failure to agree a Brexit deal is at least as much the fault of Mrs May’s blinkered idea of Brexit and her refusal to compromise and adapt as it is the fault of MPs. MPs – the much derided political class – are doing the job that sovereign parliamentary democracy requires them to do. They should be defended not denounced, celebrated not pilloried, for that. It’s Mrs May who has blown it, not MPs.
...To run the country to the very brink, with all it entails for our people, and then to blame parliament for it, is shabby, shameful and a form of national sabotage.


Purple library guy said...

While I think May is very much deserving of scorn, the Guardian not being happy with her is hardly news.

The Mound of Sound said...

Would you have said the same thing when TorStar criticized Harper?

Purple library guy said...

I don't mind your running the piece. I just don't think framing the headline as "Gasp! The Guardian criticizes her two days in a row!" really says much.