Sunday, March 31, 2019

"The Sun is Setting on Justin Trudeau"

It's clear that prime minister Justin Trudeau has lost whatever goodwill he and his government once had with Canada's First Nations. It's over and that will be felt as the Liberals try to force their Trans Mountain pipeline to the coast.


Cathie from Canada said...

Its too bad, isn't it, because Canada has never had a Prime Minister or a national government that has done more for First Nations in just a few years than Trudeau and this group of Liberals.

Pamela Mac Neil said...

Thx. for posting these videos Mound. I watched them all.Chief Stewart Phillip was very impressive. I really like the fact that he refuted the constant liberal narrative about the fossil fuel industry creating all of these jobs, when in fact as Chief Phillips said, that the jobs are transient and that it is a false economy that Trudeau and the NEB are creating with their propaganda.

The other videos, present a good expose of the SNC-Lavalin scandal both by those who point out facts and conclusions arrived at regarding the scandal and those representing the Liberal party, pretty well all saying the same thing, amounting to, "there nothing to see here."

I find it hard and more then ever these days, to listen to Trudeau. His speech is just oozing with insincerity. Chief Phillips said "Trudeau is really revealing himself to who he really is." He is showing more and more arrogance and smugness these days and I sometimes wonder if he's told to do that, because he'll be seen as being tough. Anything is possible with this corrupt neoliberal/neocon elite gang, posing as the Canadian government.

The Mound of Sound said...

I'd be grateful if you would elaborate on this, Cathie. Make a list of what's been done for FN and what's been done to them; what was promised them and what was delivered.

Be sure to include the benefits bestowed on the tribes of the Salish Sea including the peril to the orca and the risks to their coastal livelihood and culture.

Anonymous said...

If Junior doesn't pull the chestnuts out the fire, he's going to blow all his hard-earned speaking fees. He went all-in on free-trade with China, but then The Donald blew up Canadian-Chinese diplomatic relations. (To stop the trade deal: i.e., a backdoor into the USMCA.)

He better reinvent himself, fast. Something for real. (He's all out of weasel.) Firing Gerald Butts (who destroyed Ontario from behind the scenes) was a good start.

If his caucus fires Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott – the only two people in the Liberal party with any integrity – he's toast. (I wonder if he has brains enough to see it?)

If both Jagmeet and Little Potato get their acts together, they could produce a hell of a government: maybe something along the lines of the Pearson-Douglas administration which created Canada's social safety-net back in the '60s. (Before the downward spiral.)

Scheer is a Harper neocon. His kind of bland isn't going to work. He's got nothing.