Saturday, March 16, 2019

Orban - Poster Boy of Neo-Fascism

The Irish Times has a chilling look at Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban's campaign to purge Europe of liberal democracy.

Orban has become the de facto leader of the European Union's nationalist and anti-immigrant faction but, it seems, he may be turning into more than even his far right colleagues can handle.
He has sought to introduce what he calls “illiberal democracy” to Hungary, but his policies targeting asylum seekers, NGOs and Budapest’s liberal Central European University (CEU) have alarmed the centre-right European People’s Party , which includes his Fidesz group and Fine Gael
His government’s tightening control over Hungary’s judicial system and media have also triggered EU action to counter perceived threats to democracy and the rule of law, and led to Fine Gael and 12 other EPP members asking for Fidesz [Hungary's hard right nationalist party] to be kicked out at a party meeting scheduled for next Wednesday. 
The last straw for several EPP parties was a government-funded poster campaign in Hungary that implies European Commission president and EPP elder statesman Jean-Claude Juncker is plotting with liberal Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros to bring vast numbers of Muslim migrants to Europe.
“Without Christian culture there will be no freedom in Europe ... and Europe will no longer belong to Europeans,” Mr Orban told a large crowd in Budapest as Hungary commemorated its 1848 revolution against Habsburg rule.
Orban warns that if Fidesz is turfed from the EPP, Hungary will seek a direct alliance with Poland and Italy.

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Anonymous said...

This is nothing but a move to see who will be the first man to control all the earth.