Thursday, March 07, 2019

Let's See, What's on the Liberal Menu Today?

The special today is a shit sandwich served on stale bread with a side of runny hyperbole. Not my sort of thing but Liberals obviously have a taste for it.

Jody, Justin and Gerry - a pack of losers. Depending on your Liberal camp, Jody's or Justin's, one is the best thing ever and the other is the worst thing ever.

Jody, it seems, stumbled across a basket of principle on Lavalin that she certainly didn't have when she and Justin abridged Canadians' Charter rights on assisted dying spelled out so clearly by the Supreme Court of Canada. Both chose to whittle down the public's Charter rights for their perceived partisan political advantage. Fortunately those who are terminally ill and have both the time remaining and oodles of money are still able to get justice but that usually means a costly, drawn out trip to a provincial court of appeal.  For putting themselves and their government above the law these two can both go hang.

Justin tried to peddle the bullshit that Lavalin is all about jobs. No, it's all about Liberal electoral fortunes in Quebec this October. If Lavalin doesn't get federal contracts some other Canadian construction contractor will and those jobs will go to whomever they hire. Lavalin has competition. There are other contractors. Most of those firms, however, are based in either Alberta or Ontario. Can't be having that now, can we?

Liberal Jody or Liberal Justin, both have their acolytes. Some make out Jody to be a hero. The other camp says no harm, no foul. Justin has nothing to apologize for.

The only honest player in this saga is Andrew Scheer. It's his job to find Justin's vulnerability, the chink in his armour, and go for it. He's doing that, sort of, not that anyone outside the Tory camp is paying much attention to him.

The media? Well, if it bleeds, it leads and days of Liberal bloodletting are just the thing. Sure they're rounding on Justin but so what?

I won't be voting Liberal this October but this dreary Lavalin business won't affect that. I didn't need the Lavalin scandal to confirm the incompetence of the Trudeau government.

And, if by some grotesque happenstance, Andrew Scheer prevails in October, I'll blame that on Justin for reneging on his promise to implement electoral reform and put an end to 39% majority government.

In the meantime how about we mop up all the blood on the floor and get back to the business of governing Canada. It's been a while.


Trailblazer said...

Be careful of what you wish for for you my just get it!
The issue at stake is systemic government corruption.
Yada yada yada ; yes the Liberals are liars and cheats but so are the Conservatives.
We in danger of taking down the Liberals and leaving the Con-servatives to commit the same offences , likely with the oil industry.
Being personal about Trudeau or Scheer is for the tabloids , it's whataboutism , deflection!!
Perhaps we should question if, and why we should challenge the system within Canada without considering it's international implications.
Let's be honest , business is dishonest where ever you go in this world.
FWIW; I consider Justin too immature to govern, an embarrassment to the country.


The Mound of Sound said...

Everything you're written, TB, confirms why Canada so badly needs electoral reform. If Scheer wins the blame will lie entirely at Trudeau's feet.

Gyor said...

Scheer and Singh who is also doing his job well, kind of a bad cop, good cop thing going on.

Still I agree Jody was a bad minister/AG, she was backing a bill that would have been a huge attack on the rights of those accused of sexual assault. And she only doing this for revenge and ambition, revenge for demoting her, her ambition being to take Trudeau's job. She has Warren Kinsella running her war room functionally. He is a Trudeau attacking machine that puts both the NDP and Tories to shame. And he is damn effective at it.

This is why she has not left cacus, she is waiting for the pressure to grow great enough for Justin to resign .

This does not absolve Justin, he should never have passed that DPA law in the first place, the PMO should never have gotten invovled in the SNC case at all, not even soft persausion.

And he laid the ground work to be overthrown by backing the idea of belief women, welk guess, what most people are, they believe Jody. Trudeau is screwed.

I vote NDP so its all just entertainment to me.

Gyor said...
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zoombats said...

I couldn't have said it better myself Mound. Justin didn't recently drop the ball. He lost all credibility with the back peddling on electoral reform. That was the big lie that changed everything especially in my disgust with all of them. This latest fiasco is just the bullshit that cements those who will finally vote for anybody but Liberal, cons or NDP for that matter. As I have been saying of late , vote Greens with your conscience clear. There is no longer a "hold your nose" and vote in fear of the other guy. Like you said it won't be on our heads. Its truly all Justin this time.

Anonymous said...
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Lorne said...

I, too, made the decision not to vote Liberal in the next election, Mound. For me, it was two things that led me to that point: Trudeau's betrayal of his electoral reform promise and his purchase of the pipeline. The latter was the tipping point, and anyone who accepts his rhetoric that we can continue to pump and ship bitumen AND mitigate climate change clearly has surrendered any claim to critical thinking.

Anonymous said...

And lack of action on climate change, and lack of action on the opioid crisis, and lack of action on homelessness and the infrastructure bank. To anyone who admired his dad (I'm an Albertan who agreed with him) he has been a huge disappointment.

The Mound of Sound said...

MC, sorry but I had to remove your comment. The Pride reference was just too much and, really, not helpful.

Owen Gray said...

I understand your cynicism, Mound. But, remember, we in Ontario ditched Wynne and got Ford.

Pamela Mac Neil said...

I decided 3 months after Trudeau had been elected that I wouldn't vote for him in the next election. I was embarrassed that I had voted for him in the first place.Since then I have been watching him tears and all, self-destruct. I'm voting green and not blithely. I really admire Elizabeth May.

Your comments on Jody, took me by surprise, which they shouldn't of. It reminded me that I should have done my homework on her. Although I think she is being thrown under the bus in the SNC-Lavalin scenario, I realize, however, in order for me to make a serious judgement, on her, it should include context and that requires researching her history. I guess you can always learn something new on what you think is the truth.

Anonymous said...

I'll blame that on Justin for reneging on his promise to implement electoral reform and put an end to 39% majority government.


Voted for that weasel just to get PR ;-((

Regarding those who vote "strategically" with their noses pinched: you are only protracting the reigns of cheaters and liars.