Sunday, March 17, 2019

I Guess Spring Has Sprung - Finally

I'm back with nature's alarm clock, the barking of sea lions gathered on the rocky beach down the block. I only wish they would show a bit of consideration and wait until sunrise. No such luck.

And one of the neighbours found an intruder. They heard noises in the night and checked the security camera the next morning. This had been in their driveway snooping around:

This isn't the first and I'm sure it won't be the last. It would be nice if we weren't taking so much of their habitat. At least we still try to relocate them if possible.


Owen Gray said...

If we don't ensure a habitat for the wild, Mound, the wild will come to us seeking refuge.

Trailblazer said...

We have had a Cougar in our yard twice in 30 years.
I never experienced either visit but my daughter and wife did.
My daughter at the age of about 10 years came to the house for a baseball bat to chase away the Cougar; we laughed ; there are no Cougars in this area we said.
Next day a warning was issued that we indeed had a Cougar in the area.
#2 , The wife said she had seen an odd looking dog with a long tail ,short nose that had the colour of a golden Lab!

Meanwhile , I have never had the pleasure of seeing one in real time.

The are reportabley 900 Cougars on Vancouver Island.
Like many other species we have decimated their feeding grounds through resource extraction !!

Those fortunate enough to live in British Columbia should value the diversity of the wildlife and ecosystems this wonderful world provides.
Those that consider the province a natural resources wonderland with no limits can go and perform auto falacio!

Anonymous said...

The answer to this problem is "stop having children" and that includes the whole world. Second, cut down on our over zealous eating habits. For example, oyster and kopi luwak coffee at US500$ per kilogram. Or Almas Caviar or Moose Milk Cheese. How about at 380$ per person, some crab or a slab of tuna at a million dollars? Let's curb our tastes and leave a little food for the ocean going species or it will be curbed for us. Anyong

Anonymous said...

I thought so....narie a comment.