Sunday, March 24, 2019

Fight's On

US attorney general, William Barr, won't win any fans with this one.

U.S. Attorney General William Barr has released a summary of Robert Mueller‘s long-awaited report into Donald Trump‘s 2016 election campaign and allegations of Russian interference.
Rep. Jerrold Nadler said just after 3:30 p.m. Sunday that members of Congress have received a “very brief letter” on the investigation.

“The Special Counsel states that ‘while this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him,” Nadler quoted the summary as saying.


Anonymous said...

Judd Legum

65: Number of words from the Mueller report Barr includes in his 4 page letter

ZERO: Number of complete sentences from the Mueller report Barr includes in his 4 page letter

12:57 PM - Mar 24, 2019”

Anonymous said...

I'm still wondering what Mueller and his pros from Dover were not revealing publicly before setting it out in the final report, per that riddle for non-lawyers you set out two days ago.

Anyway, as I've been saying for ages, ever since that fake Steele "dossier" came out, the pathological need for progressives of a certain outlook to be so freaked out about Trump and supposed Russian collusion, that they in effect supported the dastardly Hillary and her pack of lies in a rush to boot Trump to kingdom come has all come to nought. You read and believed neocon tripe like the NYT, while praising Mueller's dead-ahead forthrightness, honesty and candour - because you thought St Bob would nail the bastard! And Putin, Trump's supposed minder as well.

I now expect to be bombarded by continued tripe from all the wounded egos in the press and punditry as further nothingburger charges and anti-Russian invectives are hurled at Trump. Sore losers will abound. It's all Barr's fault is already making the rounds. Boag of CBC News was summarizing the next steps the Dems will take. Any little ray of hope to get Trump will be magnified to gigantic proportions to justify this butt hurt from Mueller. That'll probably gum up the intellectual works for another 18 months while nothing gets accomplished. Because an emboldened Trump will now be on the warpath against the Dems - count on it. You can hope the Southern District of New York justice folks will be hard at getting the Donald on obstruction of justice charges, but the basic damage is done. The public will remember Mueller not recommending further indictments and discount the rest of the wailing. That's life.

If all the effort had been directed at really getting the orange idiot to not ruin Obamacare, at proposing something for the average American instead of tax cuts for the rich, at actually tackling infrastructure repair rather than giving 50% of the budget to Defense, with which the Democrats handily agreed (and gave $57 billion more!) due to their fear of Rooshia and all the fake BS that brand of stupidity has engendered, well, things would be better. Not a chance such logicality would have happened of course, the pack was on the run to bring down the supposedly wounded animal. Like a speck of dust in the eye that irritates continuously, nothing but dunning Trump mattered, pretty much to the exclusion of any other rational thought.

What a complete waste of time this has all been.

Here's an article published at least a day before Mueller sent the report to the AG. It details the two kinds of progressives, ones like me who got told off for being supposedly pro-Trump by people unable to read what we wrote, and the majority progressives who lost their cool over pure naked hate of Trump and couldn't think straight about much else:

Now FFS, stop believing the corporate-spin press and lets get on with the environmental challenge and NOT supporting takeover of the sovereign country of Venezuela and other BS Democratic Party neocon policies since taken up by Trump. Or is there no appetite for reality left? Because Trump is likely to win by a landslide next time due to this massive cock-up where he has in effect for all practical purposes been found not guilty. And keeping some semblance of social democracy alive is badly needed, so long as it is not intertwined with neoconnery which includes Trudeau and Freeland. Wake up, progressives and lets actually be progressive, not neocons.


Anonymous said...

LMFAO, only thing missing is QAnon

The Mound of Sound said...

Fair enough,BM. Tell us which parts of the Steele dossier have been shown to be true, which parts remain unresolved and which have been shown to be false.

The easy answer is that those that have been adjudged have been found true, none - as in not one - has been shown to be false and the remainder are still unknown. You're an intelligent fellow, you should know better.

But, please, enlighten me.

Anonymous said...

Obama-care was a turd with a little bit of polish on it.

Democrat neoliberals seem to easily fool some of the people all of the time on healthcare reform. (And everything else, considering they never do anything but somehow manage to get credit for being "progressive" champions.)

JFK brought the US its rotten healthcare system in the first place. The Clintons promised Single Payer reform -- but only as a ploy to weasel money from the HCII: pay us to make us go away. (They did and they did.)

Obama promised Medicare-option healthcare reform. Would've insured all. But he chose the cash option instead.

The Donald would love to bring Americans Great Healthcare! He's tweeted it a million times. But the Democrats keep opposing him.

Whether for taking bribes or just out of sheer partisan spite, Democrats are determined to keep Americans from getting basic healthcare coverage.

(But I think they have weaseled themselves into a corner. They are running out of lies! Now they have to resort to all manner of hand-waving and even screaming at the sky!)

rumleyfips said...

I must be getting stupid as I pass 70. There are a couple of comments here that I can' understand.

Anonymous said...


And Trump was The Stupidest Ass Hole On Earth!

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