Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Theresa May Stay

Theresa May might not be stepping down after all. Her promise to go was based on a Commons vote approving her withdrawal agreement with the EU.

It now looks as though her deal is still dead in the water. Northern Ireland's DUP has announced it will not support a third motion on the agreement which is expected to leave May short of votes.

That said, Speaker Bercow has ruled again that the government may not bring the agreement back for a third vote without some substantial change.

It's now thought that this parliamentary meltdown may lead to a general election in which the public may punish the Tories for bringing the UK to this impasse. An election would be a vote on which party the British people want to negotiate a new trade deal with the EU.


Anonymous said...

Brits: we want to name it Boaty McBoatface

UK Gov: No

Brits: we want to destroy the UK and blow up the global economy,

UK Gov. OK

Given the deadlines, does this mean a Hard Brexit?

Lorne said...

Despite following politics avidly for many, many years, Mound, the British mentality now completely perplexes me. Is it just me, or have they gone mad?

Trailblazer said...

Yes they have..

I think that the farce that is now the UK should be a lesson to us all.
Quite often what happens in the UK eventually happens in Canada, hence my interest.
The separation movements of the Scots and Welsh come to mind and don't mention the Irish!
We have to figure out what binds us together not what divides us or eventually we will have another very big war.


Anonymous said...

Mad for sure.

Why do none of them realize they have no leverage with the EU?

It has never been up to the Brits to choose how they leave, though so far the EU has politley given them options, it's no skin off their teeth if Britain crashes out without a "deal"

Trailblazer said...

It has never been up to the Brits to choose how they leave!!

They, the government, are so friggin arrogant they think they can do as they wish.
This is not just a humiliation of the UK but also a reality check .
One of the better reasons for joining the EU was that the UK is a nation in decline, one that needs to find a larger bargaining group to compete in the ever consolidating economies and trade groups.
They do not realise that united they stand, divided they are screwed.


rumleyfips said...

Sinn Fein could now hold their noses and break brexit to bits.