Tuesday, November 06, 2012

The Biggest Win of the Evening

The Republicans saw her as a terrible threat.    She prevailed.   This is what progressivism looks like.   Elizabeth Warren.  There is hope.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad Obama won, even though I don't like a lot of what he does, and doesn't do, but disappointed the way the GMO label initiative looks like it is going to turn out.

LeDaro said...

On the other side Michelle Bachmann kept her seat. Sigh!

The Mound of Sound said...

For a lot of us, Anon, it really isn't so much that Obama won as that Romney was kept out of the Oval Office. And let's hope Paul Ryan now goes the way of Sarah Palin. After all, he couldn't deliver his home state either.

The Mound of Sound said...

It wasn't a perfect night, LD, not by a long shot.

kootcoot said...

Did you all notice the "Favorite Son" effect.

Romney has two "home" states, Michigan where he was born and raised and Mass where he governed briefly and practices Vulture Capitalism. Lost 'em both Mass big time.

Paul Ryan of course lost Wisconsin.

Meanwhile Obama won Hawaii and Illinois and Biden Pennsylvania, where he was born and Delaware where he has lived and served for half of forever.

In other words, with RMoney and Lyin' Ryan dem that knows 'em best almost hates 'em the most. Not Favorite Sons more like Hated Orphans.

Bravo for Elizabeth Warren kicking the pick-up driving boy toy of Wall Street to the curb. I don't think anyone has had a shorter Senate career than Scott Brown without dying in a plane crash! Maybe he shoulda run for the House, he did one House term!