Friday, November 02, 2012

Australian Climate Commission - Sandy Is the New Normal

The Australian Climate Commission has released a report concluding that man-made global warming made Hurricane Sandy bigger, fiercer and more damaging.

The burning of fossil fuels had made a material contribution to the atmospheric conditions that bred and sustained the storm, the report said, echoing international studies produced over the past few days...

Key factors set the scene for the ferocious storm, the climate commission's report said: sea levels that had risen about 20 centimetres in the past century, moisture levels in the air about 5 per cent above pre-industrial levels, and hotter oceans.
  ''The shifts in this background state towards a more energetic climate system - higher temperatures and more moisture in the air - are becoming the 'new normal' and are influencing the nature and intensity of weather patterns around the world,'' the report said.

''All the evidence suggests that climate change exacerbated the severity of hurricane Sandy.''

The surface temperature of the Atlantic waters from which hurricane Sandy drew its energy were three to five degrees higher than average, the US National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration said.

Never one to be influenced by science, reality or facts when ideology and religious superstition will suffice, Steve Harper is busy disgracing Canada and fueling future killer storms by pushing the world's filthiest petroleum energy on South Asia.   The moral disconnect in that man's mind is astonishing.  But, hey, bitumen isn't as bad as coal.   No, it's not, just as crack isn't quite as bad as crystal meth.



Deno said...

"Steve Harper is busy disgracing Canada and fueling future killer storms by pushing the world's filthiest petroleum energy on South Asia."

Mound, AGW is not "fuelling killer storms".

Go to this website and check out the 30 deadliest hurricanes in US history.

In the last 50 years when more CO2 has been pump into the earth's atmosphere by humans then all of human history before that there are only 5 out the 30 deadliest US hurricanes that has happened since 1962. what is also quite incredible is there are now 10's of millions of more people living on or near the Atlantic coast then before 1962 yet most deaths happen prior to your so-called AGW.

As for your warming Atlantic ocean. you do know that the Pacific ocean is cooling right?


Why am I not surprised?

I guess your ideology and AGW religious superstition keep getting in the way of your critical thinking.


The Mound of Sound said...

Deno, I guess you got me this time. I don't know who to believe, wunderground, a weather site, or actual climate scientists like the folks at NOAA, Hadley, NASA, NCAR and this Australian bunch. Decisions, decisions. You've got me flummoxed this time, Deno.

The Mound of Sound said...

And one other thing, Deno. I don't know what's going on with Canada Post these days but I appear to have received your copy of Businessweek. I've added the cover (above), the least I could do.