Sunday, November 04, 2012

So Let's Get this Straight

Steve Harper has $28-million to blow on 200-year old triumphalism for a war between Britain and the United States but he can't come up with $5-million a year to cover the funeral costs of impoverished Canadian soldiers.

Remember when that greaseball was the Canadian soldier's Best Friend Forever, back when he could squeeze buckets of political capital out of their blood and bones?   But then Afghanistan didn't go the way Steve had promised and, ultimately, embarrassed Steve and someone has to pay, even if they're dead.  So 1812 is definitely in and Afghanistan and those who wound up serving there are just as definitely out.

I wonder how many destitute soldiers we can bury for the cost of just one F-35?   Or how many burials could we have funded if we only had back the money that "Toney Tony" Clement splashed around his own riding for the G8/G20 summits?

Of course you could bury the entire Tory caucus for just a few thousand bucks.   You can pack an awful lot of sphincters in just one coffin.


Beijing York said...

I hope I live long enough to see Stephen Joseph Harper in a dark, dank jail cell. What a repellent human being.

The Mound of Sound said...

Absolutely, B.Y., absolutely.

The Mound of Sound said...

And my apologies, B.Y. I really must proof this stuff before I post. Sheer laziness, no excuse. Sorry.

the salamander said...

There's a volcanic anger here... and hard headed determination
Uh . No .. that's not an adequate description..

I am someone, very ordinary Canadian.. who like most of us
has no theatre of war or personal horror of war shell-shocked,
shot down, shot at.. but survived experience ..
nor have I died .. been killed

And so I have earned extremely little, actually have zero standing..
with exactly no military service
I just have humble. grateful.. opinion .. and deserved idealism of our heroes

That includes an undeniable belief that to dishonor and not support
the Canadian war dead heroes, the service women or men who died ..
Gave Their Lives....
or the surviving veterans and and their families
who are currently moving bravely forward..
recovering or suffering their loss on our behalf
is... just plain disgusting

Well .. Uh .. plainly speaking.. as normal Canadians are wont to do
I also see it as just plain Un-Canadian.
So let's be damn clear about that too .. Mr Harper
or whomever you delegated or misdirected to ..
this precious, hallowed, respectful, in awe ..
NATIONAL task abomination - complete fail

If anyone can provide a defense ..
or shred of - evidence of HONOUR or RESPECT ..
or GRATITUDE in the current dank policy or dereliction of duty..
re our recently dead veteran heroes
please do so

So Mr Harper or Peter Mackay .. Mr De Loan or De Loray .. speak clearly to Canada
or delegate any one of your similarly unctuous scripted spokespersons
or tax paid ethically compromised lawyers a la Arthur Hamilton

Is it possible.. perhaps .. that The Supreme Court of Canada may not see it your way ?
Nor will any true Canadian with a shred of common sense and a maple leaf
or glowing heart somewhere in their Canadian Eh way of being ?

When I catch my breath on this ..
re this latest Budget Saving - Cut to the very heart of Canada
with your permission .. Mound
I may really truly unload.. vent my anger ..
As I am just getting warmed up.. going active .. livid .. outraged

I am a Canadian that has lived the true north strong and free
while others died for this, defended this..
built this ..
.. I did not ..

I am lost for words, my breath and trust - gone - blown away
staggered that our government acts this way, spins itself this way.
The vulture disrespect is so beyond belief ...
sorry .. I began to focus and rant on our odd government .. and not on real Canadians

They .. (the valorous) have earned.. paid with their lives ..
for our freedom.. comfort .. opinions.. luxury.. and so much more...

My F'n gawd.. can we not lay these exemplary Canadians to rest
with dignity, respect, awe ?
And .. support their families in their grief ?

I am a completely, desolate and ashamed Canadian ...
any small honor I have inherited as a Canadian is tarnished...
I cannot let this pass ...

I will come and help bury our warriors
Please let me know where I am needed
I will help carry them to their resting place
I will help dig their graves..
I will gladly try to help their families carry those glowing hearts

The Mound of Sound said...

Hi Sal. I know you mean well and I appreciate your heartfelt anger over this but I sense I may have given you some belief that I "own" this issue somehow. I don't and I don't want to. If anything I'm trying to work this into a place where my feelings can become a little more placid. I suppose that's what venting is all about, releasing stuff you really don't need pent up inside.

This is our issue, it belongs to all of us as a society. when I moved to B.C. in the late 70's, my then father in law introduced me to one of his pals. This fellow, Gerry (Thompson I think) had been an NHL ref in the 50s and 60s. On retirement Gerry got a job with Veterans Affairs. A lot of what he did, as he related it, was to prowl downtown Vancouver's legendary alleys, talking to old destitute guys. He'd try to find any who were veterans who might be entitled to benefits they didn't know to claim or how to collect and then help them get their due.

Imagine in those days we paid guys like Gerry to prowl the squalor to seek out those impoverished vets and try to make their lives just a little easier.

That was just a few decades ago but now there's a new generation in power, a gang that seems to have no time for these old pacts of a gentler and, in some ways, more decent time.

In some ways this national disgrace in the way we deal with our veterans is a miner's canary for a host of societal maladies that are setting in. And that's everyone's issue, Sal. That's everyone's fight.

Owen Gray said...

Perhaps, Mound, Canadian historians will remember Stephen Joseph Harper as the perfect philistine -- someone who knew the cost of everything and the value of nothing.

The Mound of Sound said...

I'd guess that leadership from the Boomer generation will be judged harshly. Harper is terrible but the opponents put up against him have been no hell either. The Liberals don't even seem ashamed they tried to foist someone as ill suited as Ignatieff onto the Canadian public.