Tuesday, October 03, 2017

72 Minutes. What in Hell Went Wrong?

Guests at the Mandalay Bay hotel notified the front desk about hearing glass breaking. Someone, they said, was smashing glass.

Shortly after that the gunman, armed with 22 guns in his room, two on tripods, two modified for fully automatic fire, sprayed an estimated 10,000 rounds into a crowd of concert goers nearby.

From the time of the first shot until the swat team and hotel security entered the gunman's suite, 72 minutes passed. 72 minutes.  An hour and twelve minutes before the cops reached the gunman's lair.  The Mandalay Bay hotel. Vegas. The strip. 72 minutes.

This is Vegas. There's camera surveillance everywhere, even in hotel elevators. How in Hell does a guy get 22 guns, two tripods, 10,000 rounds of ammunition and other paraphernalia into a 32nd floor room undetected?

When hotel security already knew someone was smashing windows on the 32nd floor, how did it take 72 minutes from the first shooting to get into the gunman's room?

10,000 rounds of ammunition in under 72 minutes. He would have been burning the barrels out of his weapons at a fast pace. Only two were fully automatic. Most of those 10,000 bullets must have come out of those two weapons. They must have been glowing white hot.

59 dead, 527 wounded. Thousands traumatized. The City of Las Vegas, the Las Vegas police department and, especially, the Mandalay Bay hotel (MGM Resorts) will need a small army of lawyers to process the lawsuits. MGM Resorts International shares are reported to have taken a $900 million loss on Monday alone.


Anonymous said...

Comrade Trumpov:

“I want to thank the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and all of the first responders for their courageous efforts, and for helping to save the lives of so many,” Trump said in the hours after the shooting on Monday. “The speed with which they acted is miraculous and prevented further loss of life. To have found the shooter so quickly after the first shots were fired is something for which we will always be thankful and grateful. It shows what true professionalism is all about.”

If 72 minutes is miraculous, I'd hate to see what he'd call satisfactory. I read somewhere that it was the smoke alarms going off that finally caused the cops to clue in.


Jay Farquharson said...

"This is Vegas. There's camera surveillance everywhere, even in hotel elevators. How in Hell does a guy get 22 guns, two tripods, 10,000 rounds of ammunition and other paraphernalia into a 32nd floor room undetected?"

Easy, luggage over several days.

As is ususal in these cases, we are getting fragmented, conflicting information,

News reports are saying it was a smoke detector, others, a Iraq War vet two floors down, etc.

the salamander said...

Stephen Paddock.. just another complex incomplete & disconnected from reality loser

.. this was a suicide mission.. Stephen Paddock, a truly boring man, decided several things. He had no further interest in living.. gambling, mushroom pizza, lattes. He would leave his mark & his 'girlfriend', dwarf his father's crimes & take as many innocents with him as possible.. Blaze of Infamy stuff.. people as mere collateral damage, Logistically, he was the smartest sniper on the planet.. He was cracked of course.. totally - Much like Donald the Trump.. and so many others Paddock was - is - defines - the American Loser.. a sad pus sack shell of a 'man' .. and there are thousands upon thousands

He must have worn swim goggles or a even a full respirator - the cordite in the room would have been stupifying. Of course the smoke alarms went off, after the 1st mag was fired. Gloves to deter the gun heat, & why bother with ear protection as he planned to be dead anyway.. and would revel in the shattering sound of destructive 'rapture'. Why bother aiming.. just bring the hellfire from above, from two vantage points! Just shower the death down from far above - kill & maim as much with richochet as direct hits. Gun barrel burned out? Throw it down, grab the next.. Why did he stop firing after 10 minutes or so? He could not see, hear, feel.. or the guns were fried.. or he could not breathe.. or was going into hyperventilation by a shattered window.. so exit time.. go visit God - no trial or capture in this losers plan. He probably left behind some extremely well hidden message.. mabe etched under a desk or under his shoe insoles.. the classic 'f' all of you.. explain.. 'I won - you lose' type narcissism of the demented millionaire rapture crowd

The Great American Sickness .. the neverending war syndrome as isolated individual gun action.. the 'f'd' up fake warrior with guns syndrome.. a delusional destructive exit plan... & its comical anthem counterpoint .. 'land of the free & home of the brave' ? ? Where the Donald hurls rolls of paper towels into the adoring Puerto Rican crowd amid mainstream media gulping it all down.. I feel like puking just observing from afar. This is disease ..

Trailblazer said...

For Americans , this incident will be forgotten within a couple of months.
The mass murder record has been broken; what comes next?
Should another incident happen within a year or two such as fifty eight deaths the American response will be ; well it was not as tragic as Las Vegas!!!
Such are the improvements to American life!


deb Scott said...

its a terrible tragedy for all that are left, that have any reason. The politicians are disgusting, and cowardly.
But in its simplest form this illustrates the state of the health care system and lack of mental health structure that is so needed.
A guy with millions, buys guns, instead of a therapist.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

Paddock probably had some kind of help or assistance.
I've long suspected there to be some kind of cult-like organization or organizations behind all these mass shootings.

Otherwise, how does one explain how these individuals can afford such elaborate arrays of sophisticated military-grade arsenals?
Are they simply fanatical gun collectors?
And why are they never "discovered" until AFTER they pull off their attack?

And, if---indeed---it is some kind of conspiracy, orchestrated by some secretive social-engineering cult that is able to not only recruit but successfully train and brainwash certain types of individuals to believe they're serving some kind of "great cause", to the point where they're even willing to sacrifice themselves "martyr" style, what IS that cult's purpose? What are their agendas? What are they trying to accomplish by turning western societies into discombobulated dystopias?