Thursday, October 05, 2017

Energy East Pipeline ist Kaput

Trans Canada has thrown in the towel. There'll be no Energy East bitumen pipeline. The company claims it will take a billion dollar hit. Tough sh#t.

New Brunswick premier, Brian Gallant, said it's "not good news" for those who wanted the pipeline built. Great way to state the obvious after it's irrelevant, Brian. After that brain fart Gallant did, however, offer some straight talk that will cheer pipeline opponents elsewhere, i.e. in British Columbia.

"We believe it is clear that TransCanada is not proceeding with its application for the Energy East pipeline because recent changes to world market conditions and the price of oil have negatively impacted the viability of the project," said Gallant.

Trudeau will probably double down now on the Kinder-Morgan pipeline and the stage seems set for a pretty ugly confrontation between Trudeau and his pipeline bosses, the easterners, versus British Columbia First Nations, coastal British Columbians, the municipalities of the Lower Mainland and the government of British Columbia.

With Harper gone and the Tories recovering, Trudeau may rue the day he betrayed the people of British Columbia by reneging on his major election promises.


It didn't take long for the Wailing Wall to respond with "western" vitriol. Outgoing Saskatchewan premier, monkey boy Brad Wall blames Ottawa for the failure.

"Today is not a good day for Canada. It is not a good day for the federation. It is a very bad day for the West," he wrote on Facebook.

"Something needs to change. For the West to continue on like this in our federal system is the equivalent of having Stockholm syndrome."

"[Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's] actions and his government's actions may well will have some westerners wondering if this country really values western Canada, the resources we have, and the things we do to contribute to the national economy and to quality of life for all."
First of all, Brad, you don't speak for the west. We're the west. You're a prairie bumpkin and, to us, you're a good hike east of the west, out here where I live. It's a shorter drive from Moncton to Toronto than it is from Saskatoon to Victoria so west you're not.


Anonymous said...

Good. Now, it's time to kill the NEB. By inviting a pipeline lobbyist to advise on how best to sell the pipeline to Quebeckers, the NEB has proven itself to be an industry agent instead of an impartial regulator.


Anonymous said...

But they were moving oil to the east coast. It was going to be refined in the east. It was going to supply Canadians with Canadian oil and cut back on foreign oil imports. It was going to help the middle class in Canada and all those working hard to get there. It was going to create 10,000 temporary jobs.

All facts I've heard on the CBC this morning ��������


Lorne said...

This can only be seen as good news for anyone who cares about the environment and climate change. The less energy wasted in extracting expensive bitumen, the less greenhouse gas emissions, and the less chance of further oil spills.

Now is the time for the government to start talking about a future where fossil fuels are supplanted by green energy. Of course, the Trudeau government will never start such a conversation.

Anonymous said...

Anyong...has anyone heard of Muskrat Falls in Labrador...the part that is part of Newfoundland?...the tens of billions of dollars spent building it. It is about to come on stream with all the electricity for the Maritimes including Ontario and Quebec with extra to spare. The Premier of New Brunswick is drawing the Irving Oil line when it comes to Pipeline East. Why would anyone want dirty oil causing pipe lines when clean hydro will be plentiful?

Anonymous said...

Anyong....Muskrat Falls was not once mentioned by CBC this morning nor by CBC Calgary at noon....especially CBC Calgary. They sure talked about Quebec though. Albertans hatred of Quebec is rank at the moment. Anything that goes wrong in Alberta ... it is Quebec's fault.

Northern PoV said...

And KM is dead in the water.
When are we/they going to realize .... no one wants our/your dilbit.

Anonymous said...

Dunno who the optimist is rabbiting on about Muskrat Falls, but there isn't enough extra power from that to "power" the Maritimes. Not even close. And it's more of an over-budget scandal than BC Hydro's Site C. It is in fact a complete financial disaster for NL. The link to Nova Scotia is only 200MW. Time to learn the truth about that turkey rather than dreaming of pie-in-the-sky blue hydro dreams.

As for the dilbit Energy East TCP fiasco, Premier Brian Gallant of New Brunswick reacting to the puppet strings attached to him by Irving Oil (all NB premiers are run by Irving and their oil and forestry industries which run the lives of most New Brunswickers as well) is just expressing Irving's utmost displeasure at the cancellation of the pipeline. Nice little earner Irving had lined up there - it cannot process dilbit at its existing refinery which processes regular imported crude, so it was just going to export the Energy East dilbit and make a buck essentially for doing nothing. And it already has somewhere between 5 and 10 billion squirelled away in offshore havens. It spends nothing in NB civically, just look at the place, and extracts money from the serfs in return. One-sided doesn't begin to describe it.

None of the players in Energy Easy were truthtellers from the man in the street's point-of-view. Dilbit was never mentioned, it was always just oil. Nobody mentioned Irving can't process the stuff, all we were told was it going to be delivered to the Irving refinery - misdirection if ever there was an example from our lords and masters.

Today I laughed my retired arse off when the project was cancelled. Bugger the lying corporatists and politicians. I feel so sorry for your loss.

As for the remark about Manitoba not being the West, I agree, and perhaps you people out west can remember that Toronto is not the East either. To us Maritimers, Quebec isn't even the east. The East, you load of dinks, is the Maritimes and Newfoundland & Labrador, i.e. the Atlantic Provinces. Remember it, why can't you? Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba are central Canada and we're fed up with geographically-challenged Westerner oinking away about the "East" when they mean Central.


Anonymous said...

Anyong.....BM thanks for the information...another view...I haven't been east for a few years now but relying on family for information that is not forth coming from Canadian News. CBC was begun to keep BC to Newfoundland informed as to what was happening from Coast to Coast to Coast. I've been saying every chance I get as to whom in this country is East. You can correct all you want but Albertans do not want to hear that. Most Abs born, educated and living in Alberta think they are the bee all and end all of Canada while remaining the best of everything that is Canada. They have the idea that Alberta is responsible for making the country great...sound familiar? The Bible Belt swings north from the U.S. into Alberta and then there is a German attitude lingering from the WW1 and WW2. Most Albertans love Donald Trunp...what does that say? And now it looks like Jason Kenny will be the next Premier....Someone forbid that please!

Anonymous said...

Maritime Link almost a reality, as first power cable reaches Nova Scotia