Thursday, October 05, 2017

The Most Dangerous Mental Illness

What if Donald Trump genuinely believes his own lies? What if he sincerely believes he's doing a great job as president, better than any president in the history of the US?

If, as has been suggested lately, Trump cannot distinguish reality from fantasy, he must have a delusional sense of infallibility. That's frightening enough on its own but, when coupled with his malignant narcissism, his plainly stunted intellect and his cultivated ignorance, America has a latter day Ronnie Kray with the nuclear launch codes.


Anonymous said...

If Trump believed his own lies, he wouldn't be able to adjust them as the situation demands. But as this important timeline of aiding and abetting Russian interference shows, Trump does indeed adjust his story.


Owen Gray said...

Trump is not noted for self criticism. And he cannot accept external criticism. Therefore, there's not much hope for change.