Friday, March 23, 2018

Elizabeth May Arrested Over Justin Trudeau's Damned Pipeline

She should be an example to us all. There is a place for civil disobedience. The Kinder-Morgan pipeline is that place.

Green Party leader, Elizabeth May, along with NDP MP, Kennedy Stewart,  have been arrested for joining a Kinder-Morgan protest in Burnaby, BC.

May, the MP for Saanich–Gulf Islands, stood in line with activists at the gate of a Kinder Morgan worksite. She was arrested around noon PT and released within half an hour. 
She said she's been charged with civil contempt for blocking the road. It is not a criminal offence. 
"I have never before put my signature on a line that said 'signature of accused,' but my rights have been read to me and I will return to court on June 14," she told reporters after her release. 
May said she is free to "continue to protest, continue to oppose Kinder Morgan's erroneous permit."

Stewart, who represents the federal riding of Burnaby South, also entered a court-imposed protest-free zone around the property. He was arrested around 12:30 p.m. PT. 
"This is down to Justin Trudeau's broken promises," he said as he walked with RCMP officers.


Hugh said...

Govt says we need to cut GHG emissions. Then govt pushes pipelines and LNG projects.

Lorne said...

Hopefully, Mound, this action will put a spotlight on Justin's hypocrisy and duplicity.