Thursday, March 29, 2018

If You're Into the Mueller Investigation...

Consider this a Public Service Announcement.

We don't get a lot of news in Canada about the Mueller investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. Most of what we do get is tepid, recycled stuff from the American media. It's thin gruel, marginally informative at best.

There is a website/blog that is incredibly informative about Mueller, his team and they prey they are pursuing. The author goes by the pseudonym, "emptywheel."

In her latest offering, said to have been typed while her husband still slept (they're supposed to be on vacation), emptywheel writes that on Monday we should get the first glimpse into what Mueller's team has on the "hack and leak" scandal.

She also offers an excellent look at the procedural thrust and parry underway between Manafort's counsel and Mueller's team. This shows how major litigation is fought both tactically and strategically. There is a discernible choreography that, once revealed, can be usefully predictive.

In any event, if you want something significantly better than what's dished out by CNN or, heaven forbid, any Canadian media, check out emptywheel.


rumleyfips said...

Thanks for the pointer.

I am trying to figure out if the facebook likes/ocean personality information is useful for any campaign or if it only helps to target hatemongering and misinformation. Any direction about where to look would be appreciated.

Doesn't that sound like a great subject ( tip of the hat to Bob and Doug ) for a dissertation.

the salamander said...

.. ah yes.. emptywheel !
I think someone dropped that to Norm
in a comment and I picked up on it

This thing is moving like toxic mollasses..
but I a patient feller from farm country eh
and know how to roll with the seasons
The sap will flow

Comparisons of Mueller and trumph are laughable
one is a methodical diligent mind & Viet Nam veteran
the other a fraudulent whiny needy dick from Brooklyn
with bone spurs & family money.. and lotsa ex wives

Already, Mueller has brought indictments
and suspect he will bring the real thunder soonly
Expect screetching crying whining denials to follow
But this will be buttoned down poured concrete
and will harden.. 'Dustbin' I think David Brennan suggested

The Mound of Sound said...

Please, Rumley, do let me know immediately you find the answser to your question. I mulled it over and the best I came up with was "buggered if I know."

The Mound of Sound said...

I wonder, Sal, if Trump hasn't set a threshold at which he senses a storm coming and will risk trying to get rid of Mueller. Perhaps Manafort will be his litmus test.

I assume that, being able to read the papers, Mueller has considered a kamikaze strike from 1200 Pennsylvania Ave. I have a hard time imagining Mueller or his veteran team dutifully packing up their pencils and shuffling off home.

Jay Farquharson said...

The Guardian has all their articles on Anal indexed.

Look for the articles on Cambridge Univeristy and Kisliak.

OCEAN and the applied algorythms, when applied to only 5 data points, knows more about you, than you do, 93% of the time.

Dr. Spectre, the Russian researcher who ripped off his research team at Cambridge, and sold out to Anal, was funded by the St. Petersberg Institute, to study the application of OCEAN and the algorythms, to the "dark triad", ha

Jay Farquharson said...

Posting error,

Hate, Anger, Fear.

Anal and Russia, used Ocean and Anal to microtarget individuals. Anal created apps, for Canvassers, that used individual Facebook data, to customize an approach and talking points for each door they knocked on.
They did the same digitally.

We know, from what Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter have released, the Russian Disinfo Ops, worked all angles, they upsold Treason Tribble, downsold Hillary, they used hate, fear and anger to rile up the deplorables, they did the same to disencetivise Democratic Party voters.

So yeah, OCEAN can be used not only to sell you "a product", it can also be used to "trash a competing product", not only can it be used to make you "excited about a product", it can be used to make you "hate and fear a product".

the salamander said...

.. no track record of Robert Mueller ever mailing it in
.. Donald Trumph backtrail littered with fraud

One a serious American trooper
The other an American loser

At some point, Americans
start looking at Trump sideways
& it just gets worse