Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Can You Trust A.G. Barr's Summary on the Mueller Report? Mueller Won't Vouch For It.

It seems there's something about Attorney-General  Barr's summary that's not sitting well with the special counsel, Robert Mueller.

HillReporter reached out to the special counsel this morning, asking them if they “believe that William Barr’s letter adequately describes the overall findings of Mueller’s report with no impartiality?” 
The spokesman for the special counsel, Peter Carr did not wish to provide an answer one way or another, instead simply saying, “Thanks. We’ll decline to comment.”


John B. said...

Who reads past the headline? Everybody knows everything they need to know now. It’s John Gotti in his salad days complete with OJ’s jury.

Mr. Barr has done his job so far. He’s written and rolled out that headline and made sure there’s nothing in it that would make the cheering squad’s act look awkward. So let’s roll out those guys now as planned, and make sure it’s loud and long enough to distract enough of the few who would have done so, from reading the story that’s supposed to go with that headline when it’s finally printed on a news-day yet to come. We might not be able to bury it, but we’ll do the next best thing: we’ll bury as much of it as we can in a nationally-secured casket and let as much of it as possible decompose on an autopsy table tucked away where nobody can see it. Maybe they’ll even forget we put it there. End-of-story before the story’s even told.

In politics there’s no amount of simple sleaze that could concern me, as long as my guy doesn’t let his toe slip over that line when somebody’s looking, and thereby give them proof that he’s done it beyond that reasonable doubt. And if he does and we can’t find one, we’ll settle for a frivolous one and curse the witch hunters. We love that sleaze and adore the guys who deal in it, because they’re smarter than we are. What’s a “obstruction”, anyway? Is it anything like a “collusion”?

“It’s time for Republicans to buy popcorn.”

- Michael Caputo (24 Mar 19)

Trump is the guy who played and relied most dearly on the “collusion” card. The deep state and the Hillary considerations aside, who besides the writers for the late-night comedians really thought that this would be done and over with at “Mueller Time”? (Maybe they didn’t either, but we’ll say they did; and we’ll attribute everything they said to the hoaxing witch hunters of the disloyal Democratic Party.) But for now with the story yet if ever to emerge, the headline that Barr concocted must suffice, however misleading it may prove to have been sometime in the future when everybody’s otherwise distracted. (We’re working on that one.)

But just to have had a better chance at getting rid of him, those who did think that “Mueller Time” would be the defining day of destiny might have realized that these things can take years to sort out, and then have left that “collusion” card a little more alone. I don’t really think so, but the ones who were counting on it too excessively and exclusively should have looked for a different place to hang their hats when they saw that Trump’s was already on that hook. Contrary to what his champions are now claiming, Trump was the guy harping endlessly and most fervently about “collusion”. He framed that discussion, if it could be called one; and he may be making a mistake in thinking he can achieve the same success by now adding “no obstruction” to his daily blather.

“We’ll see what happens.”

Or will we?

the salamander said...

.. we agree with John B.. but would add this ..
More and more we see (read) how Main Media embraces & perpetrates 'conflation'. Its a principle & go to tool of political animals, pundits, lobbyists, rascists and scumbags. Its fuckery at its most refined levels. Some samples ? Well just a moment.. conflation works in tandem with zero sum blinkerism.. a state of black vs white, no room between. Zero room for nuance. The combination is SOP - Standard Oppositional Procedure for political pricks, frauds, the fully corrupted, the sellouts driven by greed, comtrol or power. Its quickly utilized for headlines by Mainstream Media, whether they are sellouts, lazy or just plain trying to 'make news' .. ie have mothing to do with 'journalism' whatsoever.. OK, some obvious examples..

Start with the erosion of terminology regsrding fossil fuels. Conflation starts with diluted bitumin being conflated with oil. Note how its always one way conflation. Oil is never called dilbit. Strangely, bitumin comes from the Alberta Tar Sands.. which are now called the Oil Sands. There is no oil there. Somehow now, that distinct area is called the oil patch.. The pipeline Trudeau bought for Canadians is dedicated to deliver dilbit to Burnaby BC for export. Somehow by exporting it to the USA or Asia, by divine intervention it will provide Energy Security For Canadians.. but wait ! There's more ! It becomes 'ethical oil' and is no longer a hybrid slurry of imported diluent and granular bitumin.. and due to lack of western pipelines its unfairly 'discounted' - thus we see how a fable is perpetrated.

When did an Investigation and Report by Robert Mueller become a 'complete exoneration' re Collusion and Obstruction Of Justice by Donald Trump, the GOP et al Inc ? Collusion was a handy term the Trump legal team seeded into the scandal and electoral fraud. The correct term was 'Interference' not collusion. Anyway.. that will all play out.. the truth may be mutilated, mauled or assaulted.. but typically it survives corruption and deceit..

The examples are many.. may dig out some more classics, but 'conflation' and its related corrupt practices.. the cooperation & complicity of Mainstream Media need to be called out.. and hammered home to the population and the electorate. We should not 'abide' !

Trailblazer said...

Barr stole the narrative with his comments.
Now all we hear is that Mueller found no problems!
Now one now wishes to pursue the Mueller report.
Got to hand it to Barr ; he's a crafty Trump man!!


Trailblazer said...

Above my pay grade but it needs scrutiny.