Sunday, March 17, 2019

Who Is Calling the Hogs Out There?

Looks like a perfect pair.

I'm not sure this rises to the level of a genuine scandal. CBC seems to think otherwise. Mother Corp breathlessly reports that these two, Jason Kenney and Jeff Callaway cooperated in the UCP leadership contest to undermine the third guy, Brian Jean. So?

When I saw the photo I thought, oh those two been eatin' slops from the same trough. Is that what this "scandal" is really about?


Anonymous said...

Cheating in an election IS a scandal. Full stop.

The Mound of Sound said...

Sure, but is what they dead "cheating"? It was sleazy but that's not always cheating. Full stop.

Purple library guy said...

Wellll, two genuine candidates conspiring to nobble the third before they themselves duke it out is sleazy, but not cheating. But the allegation is that the one guy was never genuinely a candidate at all--that he joined the race for the sole purpose of attacking that other guy, so Kenney wouldn't have to look like the nasty bastard he is by doing it himself, and then dropping out of the race to throw his supporters to Kenney.
Thing is, slinging mud works--but it also makes the person doing it look unappealing. So Kenney got to have his cake and eat it too by sponsoring a fake.

Still, to me the actual fake voting thing, where Kenney's boys used other people's votes, is a rather bigger issue and clearly, solidly illegal.

The Mound of Sound said...

I agree with your point, PLG. Nobbing with Callaway wasn't the crime.

Anonymous said...

"Full stop anon" here again. I was trying to be succinct and try not to write a thesis with my thumbs and iPhone. Then I realized that most of the details leading up to this scandal have been ignored or overshadowed by SNC stories. I was about to come back and get more specific to make my case when Jen Gerson dropped this story that does most of that for me:

Plus there are the allegations of voting “warehouses” using fraudulent email addresses...

But the most telling sign is Kenney himself. For weeks he’s been pompous and arrogant when he ridiculed and dismissed queries into this story. Now suddenly the arrogance and mocking are gone. He’s choosing words carefully.

The biggest “tell” is the fact that now he’s been proven to have been lying about not knowing anything about this. He was lying because he was cheating.

No “full stop” this time because there’s so much more to be revealed. But thanks for letting me clarify. I rarely comment anywhere but I read your blog all the time!

Anonymous said...

So don't think for one minute envelops of money where not plentiful in this quagmire....and....isn't that illegal in Canada?....maybe not...darn since so much hidden money about the world by Canadians owing back taxes can not be recouped. Anyong