Friday, February 08, 2013

Canadian Trained Troops Fight American Trained Troops In Mali Again

Canadian-trained Malian paratroopers loyal to democratically-elected but deposed president Amadou Tourre are fighting again with the American-trained forces of our new ally and coup leader, butcher and probable mass murderer and war criminal,  Captain Amadou Sanog.

Now, of course, the paratroopers fighting to restore the legitimate government are referred to, in our media, as "mutineers".    Then again we are essentially backing the thug in this one.
The clashes illustrate how fragile the situation remains in Bamako, where an interim government has been unable to stamp its authority because of the power that remained with the coup leaders. While Captain Sanogo's political influence has been reduced since the arrival in Mali of French troops on January 11, his control of the army means he still plays an important role.

Let the civil war proceed.

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