Sunday, February 17, 2013

What the Stones Did for Me - and For You Too

For nearly half a century I've been a devoted follower of the Rolling Stones.   Still am, always will be.

They came along in the wake of the Beatles but what a difference.  To most they were the rowdy boys to the Beatles' good boys.  But that was never it, not really.   The difference, even to young guys like us, maybe 14-years old if that, was they introduced us, and all of the world, to American blues music.   Black music.

We came from a white bread world.  It was an amazing, transformational time to pass through puberty.  Most everybody our age was conformist but we knew that was changing.  The Stones introduced those of us looking for broader horizons to serious Blues, especially Delta blues from artists like my favourite, Howlin Wolf.   Here's the legendary, Chester Arthur Burnett performing "Smokestack Lighting."

Half a century later this is still utterly awesome.

I've been able to listen to this for half a century and every time I hear it it's as good as the very first.  It's genuine blues and that's timeless.  Enjoy

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