Sunday, February 24, 2013

Time to Say "None of the Above"

I wouldn't ride in a car with a driver who was too stupid to know when to use the brakes.  Would you?   Yet that's a pretty fair metaphor for the people who are leading our federal parties today.

One of the things we expect our political leaders to do is to steer us away from trouble.   They can't keep us safe, not always, but they've got to try.   The fact is, they don't always try and usually when they're not trying it's because they're putting their personal interests and aspirations ahead of their obligations to us.   When that happens, democracy is dealt a pretty heavy blow.  When it happens often enough, democracy is out for the count.   And there's another fair metaphor for the state of Canada's federal politics in 2013.

Sideshow Steve Harper and his Liberal alter-ego, Martha Hall-Findlay, along with the self-gelded Tommy-boy Mulcair and Justin Trudeau - they're all avowed supporters of our petro-economy.   I expect they've read about the Carbon Bubble.   My guess is that they're aware of the "petroleum trap."   Some of them might even be just a little anxious about this emerging notion of "stranded assets."   But what are they doing about it?  Nothing.   They're pretending none of it exists.

They're not steering us and our economy away from trouble.  They're not trying to keep us safe.   And they're not acting because that doesn't suit their personal political aspirations.   They won't stand up for the country and for our people out of fear that might cost them their shot at power.  They've got nothing to offer you or your kids so why would you support any of them?


the salamander said...

Its the sad truth.. but that's the so called 'truth' as filtering down from, or leaking out of, preening, posturing, political poser leaders we expect to be exemplars.

Truth is.. 'they're just not into you'.. or us .. They're into them. And since when did narcism ever have anything to do with anyone else or the rest of the planet? Or next year ?

Its not complicated. Its just that we let self absorbed, agenda driven asshats, schemers & carpet baggers and sellouts tell us what's good for us and our country. Hell, that happens in most countries.

The common elements in every country that's currently being misled, hijacked, out of control are clear. How you looking Italy ? How's it going Syria ? All good for the common folk in Russia ? Hello England ? Et Tu Canada eh ?

Would you let Stephen Harper or Jason Kenney or Vic Toews or Julien Fantino take your kid that's 5-15 to their hockey game or the public library, the washroom or to a fish fry in Grassy Narrows ? What ? You wouldn't trust them on that ? Alarm bells start ringing...

But we let them toy with our entire country and every single damn citizen, including those kids and even kids that aint even been born yet? We let them take the entire land to the dry cleaners to get cleaned up.. Where I'm from that's letting yourselves be taken to the cleaners ... You're not a victim.. you're a volunteer !

Bottom line .. Far from being exemplars or leaders.. the current sanctimonious sneering jackals are proving they're dangerous liars, cover-up artists, manipulators, incompetents that would sell their soul, or already have.. or never had one to start with. The environment is a trifling sacrifice to gawd who ordained it necessary n righteous.. n best we take it from the damned wastrel heathens

Those 'pillars of society' politicans like to hang with.. that run the Fortune 500 companies ? Those Petroleum Clubs and Investment Clubs.. same deal. Scum bag soulless pretenders focussed on their stock options, mistresses or boyfriends, golf club memberships, and nannies or boyz that get their children to school or hockey safely, because they really don't need to do that themselves .....

Too busy to look after the country that is looking after them.. and their stock portfolios & real estate .. Hell, even the senators seem to have 3 or 4 'homes', so how could you keep track of where your children are.. or your electorate ? Strange too, how few of them actually have children ... but have such strong opinions about pregnancy, child rearing, guidance therof ... and religion n morality.

Every once in a while.. one of these dicks tries to tell me why they deserve my vote. I tell em to run it by my kid.. and if he gives em a free pass, they can get back to me with their pitch.. Aint seen a one of them ever again... Thank gawd ..

Purple library guy said...

Bottom line, the media has decided that taking serious action on climate change is not "electable". This is probably because the media owner boys have golf with and like advertising dollars from the petroleum boys.
None of the federal politicians have the guts to say stuff which will lead to them being systematically dismembered in the press.

This will not change until a party successfully goes back to mass grassroots organizing techniques (presumably with an internet update), leaving them less dependent on the mainstream media.

The Mound of Sound said...

Yes, yes. Sigh.