Monday, February 18, 2013

Harper's Religious Freedom Boondoggle

It's probably no surprise that Sideshow Steve Harper, immersed in the magical thinking of fundamentalist evangelism, would say "screw austerity, let's create an Office of Religious FreedomNow, find me an Ambassador."

In the Toronto Star, Natalie Brender has an interesting look into what Steve has in ever curious mind.

I'm all for freedom of religion but only so long as it is accompanied by freedom from religion, especially Sideshow Steve's.


Anonymous said...

Canada has become a, cesspool of corruption. There are no ethics nor morals left in Harper's government, what-so-ever. Harper has no right to even live in this country, let alone govern.

On Harper's TV x-mas interview, he declared himself, a devout Christian. He said, he prays for guidance every day. Or, is that "preys" every day?

Harper was Policy Chief of his, Northern Foundation Party of 1989. Harper was linked with Christian Fundamentalists, among other dubious links.

Harper is no fan of freedom. He is a control freak. Harper is a Dictator. Harper does not believe in, Democracy, Civil Rights and Liberties, Freedom of Speech, is under attack. Our Human Rights being eroded.

There is a petition out, calling for Harper's resignation. change4thebetter Canada

Owen Gray said...

What bothers me about this initiative, Mound, is that it appears to be almost exclusively Christian.

Anonymous said...

Come come .. (to Jebus)

There are tons of stagnant politicians, repugnant pundits and absolute pricks that qualify & know how to bend over n assume the paid position.

Del Mastro.. needs a new job, recently revoked Duncan, surely Mike Duffy is ripe.. Ken Boesenkool, Christy Clark .. Poilievre must be champing at the bit.. and John Baird .. and how bout parachuting Ezra Levant in there... ? Or one of his laid off soldiers marching to Ethical christian cartoons ? Or that sanctimonious pimp Carson... he's a tried n true Harper soldier that needs a new start.. Why not rehab Tom Flanagan or resurrect Preston Manning.. or pay Jason Kenney to take over a virgin ministry ? Anoint Mulroney ?

How about Keith Ashfield, hell.. he's been ministering to dead fish for a while.. and can take the stink.. or zombie woof Peter Kent, the great deadhead boreal wolf slayer or super saint of sanctimony Joe Oliver, surely needing an escape from selling Canada to China or an alibi

My bet is Stephen Harper is going to announce that he will take on the portfolio.. or 'file' as lawyers and vaunted economists like him, tend to describe the sacred task. So the File from Gawd Above and the Mighty Gitchy Manitou .. will be administered by himself n Ray Novak.. and a cat and a chinchilla from the kitchen of Sussex Drive during breakfast with Cheerios

With all that spare time on his hands.. the POPE .. can help ol Stevie with the mighty load of managing the religious but dull n juvenile conscience of the nation.. and explain how to deal with the muslim riffraff ... and those pesky heathen First Nations that should be in rez school.. but are parked in the way of the pipelines to heaven/China.. and have some sort of treaty that should be extinguished toute suite.. ASAP ..

This for Gawd above or Below..
For Jobs, The Economy and the Sake of Good Government uber alles chow mein.. n AMEN ..

th all knowing n great Lord Harper will Provide...

And pigs fly ...........