Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Time for Obama to "Move to the Center"?

Just Be Grateful His Embalmer is Skilled with Make-up.

Mitch McConnell epitomizes everything that's wrong with and will bring down the Republicans in Congress.   Were he any older they would remove his chair from the Senate and give him a box instead.

McConnell came out swinging this morning, telling Obama it was up to him to move to the center, that, presumably, being wherever the radical Right chooses to put it.

This is, of course, the same reptilian jackass who began Obama's first term by pledging the Republicans would do everything in their power to obstruct America's president and ensure he failed.

Meanwhile Rush Limbaugh muses about just splitting up America.  He envisions drawing a border along the Mississippi with the Republicans taking everything to the west leaving everything east to the Democrats.

Sorry Rush, Republicans can have their states, the Red States, the places that consistently score highest in unwed teen pregnancy, STDs, unemployment, violent crime, poverty and just about every other social disorder curiously linked to fundamentalism.  No one is going to hand over Blue States, the states that actually have economies and bleed tax dollars to subsidize the rednecks that inhabit Rush Country.   And, as for your notion that Dems would immediately be digging tunnels under the border so they can sneak into Republicanland, you need to let last night sink in and realize that the angry old white vote will be a spent force by the time McConnell grows his next chin.


kootcoot said...

Old Mitch the Bitch is not long for the Senate. Word has it that Ashley Judd, a VERY popular Kentucky Gal is gonna swoop down and take his seat whenever in the hell he is up for re-election - hopefully 2014. Maybe ole Mitch should just do the right thing and resign or at least not run, to save a small (very small) smidgen of dignity.

kootcoot said...

Hell, maybe I'll move to Kentucky now, just so I can vote for her and I can play a bunch of bluegrass while I'm waitin'. Sounds like a good plan!