Friday, April 01, 2016

Erdogan's Thuggery Follows Him to Washington

Not for nothing is Recep Erdogan called "the Boss of the Bosphorus."

Erdogan recently came to Washington for the nuclear terrorism summit. He's pissed because Obama wouldn't greet him at the White House but it seems the Americans, like just about everyone else (including about half of Turkey), think he's a bastard.

So, in lieu of a red carpet welcome, Erdogan opted to deliver a speech slamming Obama to various think tankers at the Brookings Institute. The speech drew mixed reactions but it was outside where the ugly face of Erdogan's Turkey was on display.

A planned speech by the controversial Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan descended into violence and chaos Thursday, with one journalist physically removed from the event site by Turkish security personnel, another kicked by a guard, and a third — a woman — thrown to the sidewalk in front of a Washington think tank where he was to speak.

A small group of protesters gathered across the street from the Brookings Institute near Dupont Circle in Washington, with one holding a large sign reading “Erdogan: War Criminal On The Loose,” while another used a megaphone to chant that he was a “baby-killer.”

When the protesters tried to cross the street, Washington police officers blocked traffic and physically separated them from Turkish personnel. A Secret Service agent standing nearby told a colleague that “the situation is a bit out of control.”

Later, a shoving match between what appeared to be a Brookings Institute worker and Turkish security broke out. “I am in charge of this building,” the apparent Brookings employee shouted as the two tangled. A Foreign Policy reporter and others holding cameras outside the event were also scolded by Turkish security. One cameraman was chased across the street by Turkish guards.

Local Washington D.C. police officers were forced time and again to get between Erdogan’s security forces and journalists and protesters. At one point, an officer placed himself between one of Erdogan’s security guards and a cameraman he was moving to confront, while another angrily confronted several Turkish security guards in the middle of the street, telling them, “you’re part of the problem, you guys need to control yourselves and let these people protest.” Another Turkish security official pulled his colleague away after he began arguing with the officer. Other members of Ergodan’s team stood in front of the Brookings building, motioning for the protesters to come closer, and making obscene gestures.


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Sounds just like a Trump rally .

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Interesting point, Rumley.

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