Sunday, October 01, 2017

Jagmeet the Justin Slayer?

Justin Trudeau has a new worry, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh.  A first ballot win leaves Singh comfortably in charge of the New Dems.

Between Singh and Scheer, Trudeau could be in for a tough ride in 2019. The current Liberal majority includes 17 MPs from British Columbia.  Justin got a lot of BC votes by his promises on First Nations consultation, "social licence," cleaning up the rigged National Energy Board, re-assessing pipeline projects, electoral reform and so much more, promises that he quickly jettisoned once in power.

A lot of voters out here are looking forward to punishing the Liberals for what they see as Trudeau's betrayal and Jagmeet Singh could be a magnet for their votes. It's hard to see Scheer doing for the Tories what Singh can do for the NDP in British Columbia and, of course, that's a good thing.

Well, as Brian Mulroney said, dispatching John Turner, "you had a choice." So did Justin.


Gyor said...

Watch Jagmeet Singh's acceptance speech, he is 10x better a speaker then Justin.

Gyor said...

Watch Jagmeet Singh's acceptance speech, he is 10x better a speaker then Justin.

Anonymous said...

"Build a Canada with love and courage, together."

Make me puke! Canada is a country not a goddamn commune.

People want freedom, democracy and economic prosperity back. Ending the failed neoliberal era. Not a nanny state.

His economic platform looks good. He should lop off the lovey-dovey ID-politicking bullshit with his ceremonial dagger and stick it in his turban. Either talk economics or shut the ol' kebab hole!

The Mimbo in the North is selling Canada whole out to fascist Chinese oligarchs! Is this guy not going to say anything because it would be "RACIST!"??

Anonymous said...

(Of course, Mulcair was just as useless. So I guess it all evens out...)

Ben Burd said...

I wait to be convinced, 47,000 new members, who obviously voted for him is not an indication of the Country.

Unfortunately two trends here disturb me, one is that once again we see "sign-ups" dominate the results. How many drink the koolaid and suppport the party as opposed to those who just fill out the list?

The other is just how many of the signups will finish the fight, and if so will the "Brown" Ridings be NDP ridings or just a tribal alliegance?

The Mound of Sound said...

I understand what you're saying Ben. It's a problem we've seen in Liberal ridings in British Columbia.