Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Because in Vlad Putin's Russia, This is Piracy

A few inflatable boats delivering a handful of protesters to a massive Russian oil rig in the Arctic and, according to Vlad Putin, that's piracy for which they could be slammed up in some dingy Russian prison for up to 15-years.

In the non-totalitarian world, piracy has always had an element of robbery or violence at its core.   But this is the totalitarian world, Vlad Putin's Russia, and he decides what's a crime and what's not.

Apparently handing out information pamphlets is also subterfuge, a crime against the Russian state.

Can someone remind me why we're taking part in their Olympic games?   Isn't it time for the "free world" (if that's a concept that still exists) to tell Vlad Putin to screw himself?


Purple library guy said...

Well, fair enough in a way . . . on the other hand, I can think of some decent reasons they shouldn't have taken part in our games in 2010 or the London ones in 2012 . . .

The Mound of Sound said...

What, we're not perfect? Where did you get such an idea?