Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Three Years and Counting on the Kalamazoo

Three years after a major dilbit spill on Michigan's Kalamazoo River, pipeline operator Enbridge is still at work on the cleanup.  If it can't clean a shallow river in three years, what will it do if it dumps a supertanker load of dilbit to the bottom 600-feet down in British Columbia's turbulent north coastal waters?

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the salamander said...

.. excellent news clip .. very informative & fresh ..
Thanks for that .. !

Your question re a catastrophic supertanker load being unleashed in coastal waters.. though completely valid does not truly paint or involve a full and accurate picture..

By the time an outbound diluted bitumen supertanker or an inbound diluent (condensate) supertanker wrecks and spills.. the littoral marine ecosystems will already be fatally wounded or dead and gone.

No great whales, no orca, no wild salmon, no sea otters, no local eagles, bears, wolves .. and good luck to the local First Nations on the shores.. commercial or sportfishermen.. or kayakers or tourists

That's what Stephen Harper and Joe Oliver and all the complicit & ignorant Conservative Government MP's are selling .. and a big wave to Christy Clark and her low or no IQ political brand too ..

The science or basic biology 101 escapes these political dirtbags that we elect for no good reason..

Its not rocket science .. its simple basic facts.. If you blast sonar from Chinese supertankers or pilot vessels or tugs, you kill, drive aground, wound or drive away critical species.. and the marine and shore ecosystems begin to collapse..

Thank you for your ignorant & egotistical economissed nonsense Mr Harper .. An ecological criminal will be a completely accurate aspect of your stunningly anti Canadian legacy... You too Mr Oliver.. and Peter Kent as well.. and all the other weak, flawed, entitled losers that played along in this disastrous and dangerous betrayal of this country ..

It truly is almost impossible to believe what scumbags you are..

All for China you say ? Really ??