Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Parliament Locked Down Until October 15th

It's official.  The Prince of Darkness has prorogued Parliament until October 15th.

Stevie obviously wants to buy a little time, probably to come up with something that will shift the public eye away from their shifty prime minister and his shifty minions.   Steve's desperate and needs to regain the initiative, rework the narrative.


deb said...

yeah its so typical of this lousy govt:P I cannot believe we really deserve this as a nation. But more people need to step up and vote, and vote responsibly.

The Mound of Sound said...

Vote responsibly, indeed, Deb. I was disheartened to read Mulcair's comments and realize that we're in for another round of NDP biting at the ankles of the Libs instead of focusing their efforts at going after Harper.

It sets the Dippers' hair on fire to hear it but Layton was invaluable to Harper in defeating Martin and Dion and in trouncing Ignatieff for his Conservative majority.

Let the Libs and the NDP succeed or fail on each party's policies and focus their attacks on Harper - for the good of the country. But that's not the way the NDP plays any more since they've deserted the Left to seek power as Latter Day Liberals.

Today's NDP are as opportunistic and greasy as any Canadian party has ever been. Too bad because I'd be inclined to vote for the old NDP, the one that's no longer around.

the salamander said...

.. best to start thinking of Stephen Harper as a parasite. Yes, a very successful and particularly vicious parasite. Well adapted, even perfectly adapted .. for success in a fatuous, partisan, corporatist, entitled and elitist system.. He has taken control of the host.. and the host is Canada

Look what he did to David Orchard and Peter Mackay to reach this current penetration.. Or the subsequent illegitimate coup or clinging to power via his prorogues.. Look at the complete reversals of almost every promise or position .. ! That is pathological deceit .. and since nobody has trashed him for it.. he and his whipped MP trogs and PMO droogs will just keep doing it endlessly.

Look at the 'senior advisors' and lawyers he surrounds himself with. The Flanagans, the Hamiltons, the Carsons.. and look at the kind of people he attracts .. or resonates with. Ezra Levant, Jenni Byrne, Dean Del Mastro, Jason Kenney.. Ray Novak .. Joe Oliver, John Baird, Peter Kent, Clement .. Political animals that can stomach any stench or callous lie.

Our desperate situation in this country called Canada is not about our next so called election.. its about shining light on despicable opportunists and frauds right now.. while they are permeating our Parliament, eroding our processes and attacking our environment.. for money or power or some distorted sense of entitlement or reward.. Who waits four years or two years to treat a potentially fatal infection ??

Watch how Harper uses pomp and ceremony in October to deflect, obstruct and delay the obvious natural consequences..

Any social worker or parole officer would immediately reject such shallow attempts to squirm away.. demand accountability and taking of responsibility .. But that's our Prime Minister .. an accomplished persistent sociopathic offender trying not just to slide.. but to to turn disaster into opportunity for further grift and savagery ..

Hell .. the guy thinks he has some sort of 'legacy'
for a postage stamp.. or coin .. like Caesar or Stalin maybe ... ?