Monday, September 16, 2013

Oh to be A Virginia Republican

If you're a die hard Republican in the state of Virginia, going into the voting booth in the state elections will be a lot like a Fellini movie.

You've got Ken "Kooch" Cuccinelli running for governor.  This guy, despite his awkward nickname, wants the State to ignore the U.S. Supreme Court and reinstate laws banning oral and anal sex even amongst married couples.   Way to go, Kooch.

And if Kooch Cuccinelli doesn't slake your thirst for nutjobs there's his running mate for Lieutenant-Governor, E.W. Jackson, who espouses many fanciful notions such as yoga is a "gateway to Satan."  E.W. also made his mark for fighting AIDS prevention efforts at the peak of the AIDS epidemic.   And, as for gay rights, E.W. had this to say, "If we need a gay rights bill, then we need an adulterers' rights bill, we need a cohabitators' rights bill, a pedophiles' rights bill, and a sadomasochists' rights bill."

There you go - first and second spot on the state GOP bill.

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