Sunday, September 29, 2013

America Has Already Lost the Battle for Gun Control.

It's just $750, less than the price of a good hunting rifle.   For that you can get a brand new, never fired, AR-15 shown as manufactured in Tacoma, Washington.   Private sale.

This was the first item I found on visiting the website of   And I was just perusing the listings for Washington state.   Handguns?  Buckets of them starting at just $200.   Most in the $350 to $500 range.   Take your pick.

Private sales.   No paper work.  No questions asked.  Money for guns.   Guns for money.

In Texas, there's even an ad from a lawyer offering for a paltry $250 to sell you something called a "NFA Gun Trust" which is explained thusly:


What this Trust does: It allows you to obtain an NFA item easily and without CLEO approval, fingerprints, etc. Also, my Trust is designed to keep your Schedule A confidential unless required by the BATF by using an Assignment of Property.

As a Texas lawyer, I cannot stress how critical it is that your NFA Trust is legal, proper, and air-tight. I created this NFA Trust so that you will have all the documents you will need. Did you know that if a person is NOT listed as a Trustee and handles/uses your NFA item, you could be charged with a serious Felony crime? I include easy to fill out Assignment and Affidavit of Trustee. Simply have your friend or family member fill one out and they can use the NFA item instantly! No waiting, no need to file with the Court. Then, they can resign as Trustee if you prefer to not keep them listed on your trust at ANY TIME!

This can be a complex process and I am here to help. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. I specialize in Estate Planning and Probate Law and I am a serious gun-enthusiast! Let me put my knowledge and talents to work for you. That includes drafting the entire Trust with your specifics, answering your questions, and customizing each document to your needs.

Did you know you can also put regular firearms and items into this Trust? By getting an NFA Trust, you can obtain Title II weapons/items along with properly establishing good Estate Planning for all your firearms.

Did you get that?   This guy is offering you a way that you and yours (provided you're American) can buy, possess and use heavy duty weapons like assault rifles with no waiting periods, background checks, no fingerprinting or other inconveniences.

I recently read about a guy who operates a small tool shop where he makes custom receivers for the AR-15 that will transform it from a single-shot, semi-automatic to a "let 'er rip" fully automatic combat blaster.  He sends it to you with instructions.  You then have to put it in a drill press, drill it in the couple of spaces indicated, and you're good to go.   And it's all perfectly legal - or so he claims.

For some, the dream of gun control may still exist but that's about all it is, a dream.


Owen Gray said...

A sad commentary, Mound. The crazies are in charge.

The Mound of Sound said...

The thing is, Owen, it's a relatively small segment of the population that's driving most of America's failures.