Thursday, September 26, 2013

Del Mastro to Face Justice

 It couldn't happen to a nicer guy.  Dean Del Mastro charged with four offences under the Canada Election Act including concealing a $21,000 "contribution."

In June, Del Mastro expressed his frustration at the length of time Elections Canada was taking with its investigation into his expenses, saying he felt “violated and betrayed” by the federal agency. The charges come nearly 16 months after Elections Canada opened its investigation.

The investigation focused on the $21,000 payment he made to a polling company from his personal account, which did not appear on his official campaign return and which would have put him over the campaign spending limit.

Until the investigation began, Del Mastro served as the Conservative government’s main attack dog in question period on a range of issues, including the ongoing robocalls scandal.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully he is not going to cry again, eh? I just might die laughing if he does.

If he is smart, he would be threatening to tell all and to plead guilty to all four charges unless Ray Novak writes him a secret cheque to cover his legal expenses.

After having acted as Harper's rabid attack dog, one has to ask how he could not feel betrayed at the speed with which he was booted out of caucus. Harper at least stood with Penashue until the voters kicked him out.

Also, Duffy, from what we hear, at least was smart enough to get Wright to write (sorry) a cheque.

The Mound of Sound said...

Anon, he wasn't booted out of caucus prematurely. If anything he was allowed to stay for months after it was obvious he was guilty of election offences. Read my latest piece contrasting Del Mastro to Helena Guergis.