Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Let Our Cousins "Down Under" Be the Miners' Canary of Climate Change

It looks like the Labor government of Kevin Rudd will be swept out of power by Tony Abbott's coalition in this month's general elections.

Good on ya, Australia.

If there's one thing we know about Abbott it's that he's just this side of James Imhofe in his attitudes to global warming.   For election purposes he'll say he gets it but once in power he'll be less interested than the Canadian Prince of Darkness himself.

Fair enough Australia.  I only hope you get everything coming to you and, across the Anglo-Saxon world, you're the country directly in the crosshairs of climate change.   You can do us a great favour and be our Petri Dish, our miners' canary.  We'll watch you snap, crackle and pop as you mine those vast coal seams to meet China's voracious appetite for fossil fuels.

You can be our teaching aid, helping the unconvinced here at home to accept the reality of the climate change that's already here and the great deal more that's coming down the pike.

And it's not as though you deserve sympathy.  You've had a taste of the lash, a few in fact, and you have been warned.

Hell, they even drew you pictures.   No, cobber, at this point you're on your own.  You had a choice and you chose the guy with the magical thinking.   Good luck with that.


Anonymous said...

The canary that you bought has already joined the choir invisible, regardless of what the shop owner tells you.

Anyong said...

Today the Lung Association came out with a request asking the Alberta Goverment to stop using coal in this province because of rise of allergies associated with burning coal. The spokesperson went on to say, Alberta burns more coal than the rest of the country isn't that a wonderment!