Thursday, July 18, 2013

AWTT - America's True Hall of Fame

Presented for your inspiration, the web site AWTT, dedicated to Americans Who Tell the Truth.

AWTT features a gallery of portraits by Robert Shetterly of that rare and bravest American species, the truth tellers.   You'll find the famous and not-so-famous, from Abraham Lincoln to this guy, Bruce "Utah" Philips:

"Kids don’t have a little brother working in the coal mine, they don’t have a little sister coughing her lungs out in the looms of the big mill towns of the Northeast. Why? Because we organized; we broke the back of the sweatshops in this country; we have child labor laws. Those were not benevolent gifts from enlightened management. They were fought for, they were bled for, they were died for by working people, by people like us. Kids ought to know that. That’s why I sing these songs. That’s why I tell these stories, dammit. No root, no fruit!"

AWTT really is inspirational and reminds us that, for everything wrong with America, the country has also given the world some wonderfully extraordinary people, great and small.

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Lorne said...

This is an important resource, Mound. As a retired teacher, I have often lamented the fact that there are no high school courses in Canada devoted specifically to people who made a difference historically as a counterbalance to the corporate propaganda everyone is exposed to on a daily basis. This site looks like a good beginning.