Thursday, July 25, 2013

Why Not Make Your Own Enemies List?

It began in Stephen Harper's boy band PMO.  The call went out for Tory nobs to compile enemies lists to help ministerial newbies distinguish between their real enemies from all their other enemies - the majority of Canadians.

They've even come up with a way to force organizations critical of them to self-generate enemies lists for them.   I know, I know, it does sound like something befitting a tyrant.

But, in the spirit of things, I invite you to come up with your own enemies list.  Who do you think are Canada's five most important enemies, the individuals most harmful to our country and our people?

Take a few minutes, come up with your names, list them in the "comments" section below.


Anonymous said...

The problem is that there are vampire beavers on the loose tonight.

Purple library guy said...

#1--Stephen Harper, obviously.
#2--Niels Veldhuis; I'd never heard of him either, but apparently he's the president of the Fraser Institute. That makes him the enemy big time.

After that, I basically went to the list of the richest people in Canada and came up with
#3--David Thomson (Owns Thomson Reuters, which is basically Thomson (media and stuff) corporation merged with Reuters, which he acquired a few years ago. Richest man in Canada *and* a media baron. If he wasn't a bad guy, the media would surely be better than it is and lots of the littler parasites would not have the fertile ground to play that they have
#4--Edward Rogers III. Billionaire of Rogers Communications. Need I say more?
#5--Various Irvings. I think they count as a single person. In much of the Maritimes, by all accounts they combine the worst features of feudal lords, corporate robber barons, and the mafia. But there's no doubt their tentacles and malign influence extend further.

Lorne said...

1. Stephen Harper for reasons far too numerous and obvious to mention.

2. Peter MacKay for his betrayal of the Progressive Conservative Party when he merged it with The Reformers.

3. Peter Kent for his long-standing masquerade as Environment Minister.

4. Kellie Leitch because she has prostituted all that is supposed to be sacred to the medical profession.

5. Pierre Poilivre because, well, just because the little twerp is such a dick.

the salamander said...

.. hmm ..

- Stephen Harper - secretive, deceitful, flawed, omnipotent, sociopathic, disturbed, destructive, misguided - a make believe Canadian now exhibiting essentially every fascist criteria and attracting other, lesser, fetid versions of himself to his atrocities and manipulations.

- James Flaherty - He's just fine with everything Stephen Harper and Ray Novak and corporations stand for.. and all of Stephen Harper's goals, deceits, omnibus bills, fascism, prorogues, associates, advisors, lobbyists, Ministers, the PMO and Jenni Byrne, Arthur Hamilton.. All is well is Jimbo's dim troll view. A failed Canadian

John Baird - Sucks eggs .. gadabout political animal dabbling in Judaism & hating Palestinians, fine with abject deceit, racism, prorogues, torture, poisoning Canada's environment, fine with folks like Ray Novak, Bruce Carson or Tom Flanagan or Peter Kent .. Knows its all wrong but just does not care. One of the great phonies of our times.. For all his polished ogre bluster, he's a complete creep and a coward. A failed pretend Canadian

Joe Oliver - This pestilence should be retired immediately. Another who should know better.. but sociopaths and ignorance mixed together do not yield an ounce of courage. This man is not a Canadian .. he is a walking talking putrid sellout to China outrage .. & just like Peter Kent .. sucks eggs and has no balls. Needs another country to offer him nationality. China ?

Tony Clement - oozes deceit - a unique grubbing sociopath & failed Canadian, sucks eggs & beats out witless deceitful cowardly nonsensical posturer Peter MacKay who beats out fairy tale evangelistic Jason Kenney who beats out toxic Peter Van Loan who beats out venomous Jenni Byrne who beats out superglib mouthpiece James Moore who beats out deceiver Guy Giorno who beats out another deceiver Arthur Hamilton

Not a single glowing heart among the rancid bunch ..
They stand on guard only for their pompous loser selves
and have zero comprehension of Canada or Canadians ..
our dreams, our wishes or our needs
or those of any future generations ..
They are the Damned ... robotic, self entitled & Un-Canadian

Anonymous said...

The apathetic voter.

The self interested voter.

The ignorant voter.

Stephen Harper.

The MSM.

bcwaterboy said...

Some great ideas here and sideshow steve overwhelmingly tops the list. I would put the monstrously overpaid, overly powerful average Canadian CEO in 2nd place. While the rest of us are expected to take roll-backs or pittance in wage increases, these guys take an mind boggingly large piece of the pie and there's no outrage. The apathetic voter certainly in third as best demonstrated in the May BC election to stay at home and allow the failed Christy Clark and the most corrupt government in BC history to slide back in is just inexcusable. and the bottom part of the list is long with the entire federal conservative government and senate.